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| Pet Boarding & Daycare

Our home is not a typical traditional boarding experience because we are accepting your dog(s) as a guest in our home. We intentionally limit how many guests we care for at one time. Our focus is on the dog’s well-being and the quality of our service, versus quantity.

Dogs are welcomed like a member of the family so we are ask for detailed information about your dog(s). All dogs must go through a meet and greet assessment, by appointment, and we require a copy of up-to-date vaccinations prior to our meeting.

By Appointment Only Please

Winter 9 AM - 5 PM, 

Summer 9-6 PM

Monday - Saturday 

(Closed Sunday for drop-off & pick-up)

First come first serve - so reserve early!

We value our personal and family time, so prefer to do business during regular business hours.  We will allow early and late pick-ups for an additional $10.00 per hour flat fee (not per guest), but are closed on Sundays for drop-offs & pick-ups. 

Learn More About Our Prices

01 A Kennel Free Environment

Better than a pet hotel, we welcome a limited amount of dogs into our home as house guests and provide a kennel free alternative. We live in a quiet country setting on about 3 acres and have large fenced yards for potty breaks and to romp and play. We welcome vaccinated, house trained, groomed, socialized dog. Dogs(s) can play all day with dogs of similar size, age, and temperament or just sleep their day away, if that is what they prefer. We offer soothing music and nap times too!

02 Customized Care

With 5 separate fenced yards, and gates in our hallways and rooms, we can separate small from large, old from young or whatever their needs may be. They are fed on their regular schedules with their regular diets. We’ll even do cooking, if needed!! If your loved one is on medications, we will administer them at no additional charge. Your dog(s) get loving individual attention every day.

03 Safety & Comfort

We ask to meet all dog(s) prior to any stay so that we can make sure that both you and your dog(s) are comfortable with us (and us with them). We will go over, in depth, their likes, dislikes, food requirements, schedules, medication requirements and anything else that needs to be discussed to make their stay as comfortable as possible. 

Because we do not use kennels, your dog(s) need to be able to get along with our dogs and our guests. Our dogs love to play and share their home but are also very good at respecting our elderly and special needs guests. 

Boarding & Daycare Rates


$50 per pet, per overnight 

(charges for next day begin at 11 am next morning) 

Closed Sundays for drop off and pick ups

If exceptions are made, additional fees apply

We are unable to accommodate "out of town" guests because all guests must go through an assessment prior to any stay.

Meet & Greet Assessment is by appointment.

 Up-to-date vaccinations required.


$35 per pet, 9 AM - 5 PM.

Due to limited space, we do not offer 

daycare for pets other than our overnight guests.

Meet & Greet Assessment         $35

The Assessment helps us determine 

energy levels, personality, temperaments etc., 

so we can match your dog(s) with compatible guests. 

What to Bring For Their Stay

  1. Their own bedding – if they prefer​.
  2. Copy of their up to date vaccination record.  
  3. Their regular food to help avoid stomach upset.
  4. Their own special treats - or we can share ours.
  5. A leash for walking.
  6. Their medications - if any.
  7. The number(s) where we can reach you in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  8. Your preferred veterinarian’s name and phone number.

Pets have free roam of our house so your loved one(s) must be clean, brushed and critter free. Your pet(s) must be up to date on all vaccinations and proof of vaccination is required.

D&B's Dog House

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