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About Diane & Bruce

We moved to Cedar City in 2007 and opened our pet sitting business. We have 2 five year old Great Danes, 2 rescued cats & 2 horses but have rescued, fostered and cared for everything from puppies to ponies, bunnies, birds, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, reptiles, fish, birds, llamas and other farm animals since being married in 1984.  We love animals of all species.

When we moved to Cedar City, we could not find a pet sitter to come into our home, nor was there the option of home boarding services where our dogs would not be left unattended overnight, as with a traditional dog boarding kennel. We knew that we weren’t the only people with pampered pets that were not used to traditional dog boarding, so we decided to start a full-time pet sitting business and opened our home to limited dog boarding.  Many of our clients have been with us since our inception.  We live on site, and this is our full-time business. 

Thank you for the time to consider us for your pet sitting needs.


Diane & Bruce @ D&B’s

Sunshine is our rescued miniature horse and Murphy is our senior horse.  Maui and Breakers are our Great Danes.  They love spending time in our front yard.

Trixie was one of our original good will ambassadors but passed away at the age of 16.  Tuck and Roll are our twin kitties that were rescued and are now 10 years old.  

D&B’s Dog House is also home to the registered 501.c.3 nonprofit organization, Friends of Festival Country K9s. The idea came together at our kitchen table in 2012 with a group of concerned citizens and FFCK9s has been supporting all Iron County Animal Shelters with everything from food, treats, toys, beds, medical needs, and more ever since.   FFCK9s also developed Iron County’s first (and only) dog park for the community.  To find out more, please visit

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