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Allergic to your pets?

Many of us suffer from allergies.  Everyone in our house does but living WITHOUT our pets isNOTan option.  We figure it is a small price to pay for the joy and love they give us. 
We have found that constant exposure to them actually makes the allergies more bearable. When Bruce and I married, almost 27 years ago, his allergies were horrendous, but being around all my critters reduced his symptoms considerably over time.
We have implemented ways around our house to help control the allergens.

Tips for Training the Small Dog

I found a wonderful site called PPE Pet Supplies that sells pet supplies for dogs & cats, as well as other small animals.  They also have menu item called "Knowledge and Fun" which has several categories including Pet Health and Information as well as Dog Poetry and Interesting Dog Stories. 
The following information came from their link on training.  Here's some great ideas for training your toy or tiny toy breed dog.  I know I'm going to be trying some of these ideas out on our little dog.

Trimming your Pet's Nails

Many of our clients are intimidated by trimming their pet's nails.  I've taken an exerpt from the American Kennel Club Dog Care and Training Book on how to trim your dogs nails for those who would like to try this themselves.
If you're absolutely unnerved of the thought of nail trimming, find a veterinarian or groomer to do it for you. This service usually costs very little and goes a long way in keeping your dog comfortable.
Nail trimmers come in a variety of types. The most common nail trimmer is the guillotine trimmer.

Why the Bortadella Vaccine is so Important

The Bortadella Vaccine is commonly referred to as the Kennel Cough Vaccine.  Many veterinarians will commonly give this vaccine when your dog is brought in for their yearly vaccinations but some may not. 
If you plan to have your dog in and around other dogs at any time, it is recommended that your dog have this vaccine with his/her regular yearly vaccinations. D&B's recommends this vaccination be done every 6 months for dogs that are going into a boarding situation.

Xylitol is Dangerous to Pets

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol and is something used in sugar-free products like gummy bears, gum, baked goods, candy and oral hygiene products.  Dentists actually promote this product to help with tooth decay.  It is also used in over-the-counter products like throat lozenges and chewable vitamins.
The Food and Drug Administration issued a notice in mid-February cautioning consumers about the risks of consumption of xylitol by dogs and ferrets.
The FDA is aware of complaints involving dogs that experienced illness in association with accidental consumption of xylitol.

American Veterinary Medical Association

Have you ever heard of the American Veterninary Medical Association?  They are referred to as the AVMA.
They offer resources to the public from finding veterinarians that are members in your area to animal & public health to scientific resources.
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), established in 1863, is a not-for-profit association representing more than 81,500 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services.

Be Prepared for Pet Injuries

Our association with Pet Sitters International offers a wealth of information.  We like to share this with all pet owners.
April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month and PSI offers us information on how to be prepared for pet injuries.
Thanks again, PSI!

Fire Safety for Pets

By the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association

Every year more than 3,000 people die in house fires despite educational programs. Sadly, those who survive house fires often lose cherished four-legged family members in the infernos.
According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there were 1.5 million uncontrolled fires a year in 2008. Though the USFA does not keep statistics about pets, it is estimated hundreds of thousands of pets are killed by house fires each year. Why are we so good at saving human lives, but our pets seem to perish?

Why Your Pet Needs Routine Vaccines

Pet Vaccines for Healthy Cats & Dogs Your cat or dog is a member of your family, and you want to make sure that they are getting everything they need. One of their biggest needs is proper veterinary care, and in particular, routine vaccines that prevent against common diseases and infections. Keeping up with your vaccines is a good way to keep your pets healthy and free of discomfort and ailments.
Cats and dogs are susceptible to different types of diseases. Vaccines help your cat or dog develop necessary immunities to many life-threatening infections.

Leash Training Tip

To train a dog to sit quietly while putting on the leash, do the following:
Observe, first! Watch the dog and see at what point he begins getting overly excited.
Let’s say he starts getting excited as you walk in the door. As soon as he starts acting excited, back out, close the door and wait for 30 seconds.

Repeat “2” until he’s no longer excited.

Then, at the next point at which he becomes excited (let’s say it’s as you reach for his leash – but it may come before that!), stop what you’re doing and go back one step.

What to do in Between Professional Grooming

Marie Aguirre withCountry Cuts Grooming offers some great advice for us and our pets.  Marie is a professional, certified groomer with a background in animal health and does a beautiful job on our dogs.  Marie says:
"Brushing is an essential part of your pets overall hair style outcome. If you want a great hair cut for your pet, it is essential that your pets coat has the least amount of matts as possibly.
Just because you do not see mats on the TOP of your pets coat, this doesnt mean that the UNDERCOAT will not be matted.

23 Vacation Checklist Tips

Whether you have a neighbor, relative, friend or a professional pet sitter care for your pet(s) when you leave home, you might use the following checklist to help you make sure your pet(s) needs are covered while you are gone.
These are just some of the items that we (Cedar City Pet Sitting) ask when we meet with you for a consultation.  We also will ask in depth questions about your pets' routines, favorite games, toys, feeding schedules and a multitude of other questions that help us make your absence less stressful on your pet(s)

Natures Miracle - Pet Safe, Environmentally Friendly Product

Because we do dog boarding in our home, some of our guests can have accidents that need to be cleaned up.  Thank goodness for our tile floors, but sometimes these accidents also happen on our rugs. 
The first thing we always turn to is the product "Natures Miracle".  It really works like a miracle.  It is an enzymatic cleaner than neutralizes odors and cleans great.  We've been using it for years.  I've tried other products but always seem to come back to this one.

How to Protect Your Dogs Feet

If your dogs are energetic like mine, they might not keep their booties on when they are out running around and playing in the snow.  Another way to protect your dog's feet is to put petroleum jelly on and around their pads so things like salt and chemical agents don't hurt their feet.  At our home, we use "Mushers Secret Paw Protection" which we purchased fromwww.petedge.com.  That won't help the cold toes like booties do but will help protect them. 
A good place to buy good quality booties is down at Urban Dawgs in the Providence Center in Cedar City.

6 Ideas To Help Slim Down Your Chubby Dog

Some of  us have to face the fact that we have dogs(best friends and our babies) that have a slow metabolism or are just plain "Chow Hounds". Our Chewy is a Chow Hound and gains weight easily.  We have to feed him less than the recommended feedings of his dog food because he puts on weight so easily. Once your vet tells you that your dog is in overall good health and you discuss a recommended feeding amount and feeding schedule, you can try a few of these ideas:

Pet Care - Planning Ahead

As we approach the holiday season, we highly recommend planning for your pet's care early. We are booked for the Thanksgiving weekend and unfortunately, we have had to turn many people away due to their lack of planning ahead.  With Christmas just around the corner, we encourage folks to have their pet care in place early.  We have already had some of our clients booked for over two months for Christmas. 
If you are particular about who is caring for your animals while you are away, we suggest you make arrangements early so you don't run into a last minute problem like so many people that I've spoken to in the last week have.

Microchip - A Good Backup Plan

Over the years, I have lost personal count of how many animals we have been able to reunite with their families after being lost.  Your pet may lose their collar or tag, but the microchip stays with them and your pet has a much better chance of being returned to you because their microchip number can be traced.
Even if you have an "indoor only" pet, I highly recommend the microchip.  If there is some sort of emergency and your pet gets out, an "indoor only" pet is at much greater risk than an animal that has had some out of door experience.


Tips for Pet Adoption
Selecting a pet can be a very emotional event. Take time to research the type of dog that will fit best inyour and your family’s lifestyle to avoid making impulse decisions.Remember that your new canine friendcan spend up to ten years or more with you and you need to make an informed decision that is best for allhumans and dogs involved.
Realistically assess how much time and resources you have for your new dog. Things to think about include:Certain breeds will require regular trips to the groomer to properly care for their coat.

Don’t be a turkey on “Turkey Day.”

We love our pets but keep in mind that holiday treats, such as rich, fatty scraps, bones from pork and poultry, alcoholic beverages, chocolate and other sweets and candies can be harmful or toxic to pets. These foods have been linked to pancreatitis in pets. Signs and symptoms of an inflamed pancreas include vomiting and abdominal pain.  Severe pancreatitis requires emergency medical care and treatment.