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Social Media is Helping Find Lost Pets

We work with all the shelters in the area to help organize adoptions, volunteers, pet food drives, training but most recently, we've started working with social media to help find lost pets.  It has been a great success. 

The group I work with is Friends of Festival Country K9s and it is a group with a lot of wonderful, caring people who volunteer their time helping the community. 

Thank you, Josh Huntsman for the wonderful article about our group and Iron County Shelter's use of social media.

Moving with your Pets

Moving is always stressful...no matter how many times you do it.  At least is was for us.  We moved quit a bit following my husband's work.  Many times we were moved by the company he worked for but we also did some moving on our own.  Either way we found it stressful for us and our pets.

Someone shared this wonderful link with me to help those who are going to be moving.  If you plan to move, this link could be very beneficial in your planning:

Dog Training Helps Prevent Problems BEFORE They Happen

When you purchase or adopt a dog, you owe it to yourself and your new companion to train it.

Friends of Festival Country K9s can help if you live in the
 Iron Country Area.

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training and Vaccine

Rattlesnakes are a fact of life, living here in Utah.  Prevention is the best course of action.

According to the Utah State University Extension, there are 31 species of snakes in Utah. Seven of them are poisonous.

If you are out hiking or walking with your pet, chances are your pet is going to be curious of a snake and investigate.  Many times, they are bitten.  

Preventing Snake Bites

  • While out walking, controlling your dog with a leash may be your best safety device
  • Do not allow your dog to explore holes in the ground or dig under logs

Agility Classes in Cedar City

Gail Workman is offering Agility 101 Classes beginning on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at her home which is 20 miles west of Cedar City proper off of Highway 56..  Her home has a safe, large fenced in grass area for training.

The course is an 8 week coarse $75.00 for the 8 weeks or $15.00 a week

Dogs will learn:

To come when called - off leash control
Navigate agility equipment: Dog Walk, A fram, teetor totter (all built for beginner dogs to learn on), open tunnel, closed tunnel, Weave poles, Jumping skills.

Beginner Obedience Classes at Urban Dawgz

Gail Workman is theDirector of Education for Friends of Festival Country K-9s and has over 28 years of dog training experience.  She will be starting a new session of Beginner Obedience Classes at Urban Dawgs on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012.

The class runs for 6 weeks and is $75.00.  The class begins at 5PM sharp.  
Urban Dawgz is located in the strip mall in front of Walmart.  The address is:
1420 South Providence Drive #5, Cedar City, Utah   586-3687

If someone has not made it to Week 1 of the Class, Gail will work with you to have a make up class prior to the Week 2 class at 4:30PM

Why Pet Vaccinations Are Recommended

Pet Vaccines for Healthy Cats & Dogs Your cat or dog is a member of your family, and you want to make sure that they are getting everything they need. 

One of their biggest needs is proper veterinary care, and in particular, routine vaccines that prevent against common diseases and infections. Keeping up with your vaccines is a good way to keep your pets healthy and free of discomfort and ailments. Cats and dogs are susceptible to different types of diseases. Vaccines help your cat or dog develop necessary immunities to many life-threatening infections.

Winter Safety Tips from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers has a great article with winter safety tips. 
This Association is a great place to find answers to a multitude of questions. Check them out.

Prepare Your Horse For Winter

AAEP is the American Association of Equine Practitioner and they offer the following advice to prepare your horse for winter.

Diet: Digesting food is the horse's most effective source of heat. Cold weather increases the horse's calorie requirements; make sure to adjust quantity accordingly.  Adjusting your horse over slowly to supplements or changes in feed is always best.  Considering offering supplements with concentrates containing minerals and vitamins.  These items can be purchased at either IFA or Cal Ranch.

Cost Saving Tips for Animal Care

For many of us, our pets are our children, and we will go to extraordinary lengths and expense to keep them healthy and happy.  For the folks that share their "children" with us, it is just a way of life but we do try to offer some money saving tips to help. 
Pet owners are spending more on veterinarian bills than ever before. The American Pet Products Association estimates that Americans will spend $12.2 billion on veterinary care this year, up from $11 billion last year and $8.

Why You Should Crate Train Your Dog

Some people think that crating your dog is "mean".  I disagree.  I have crate trained each of my dogs and find they love to have their "own" space.  They are actually comforted by the crate because they think of it as their own room.  We always have open crates in our home with comfy beds and many of our client's dogs choose one to sleep in, or just rest, for their stay.  A crate is like a den and is a place that they can sleep or hide if something scares them (like a vacuum, lightning or thunder storm).

Pet-Safe Household Cleaning Products: How to Clean When You Have Pets

Pet-Safe Household Cleaning Products: How to Clean When You Have Pets
A number of common household cleaning products are toxic to pets or, at the very least, can irritate their skin and respiratory system. Luckily, most pet stores and online pet retailers are savvy about carrying pet-safe cleaning products. Keeping pet-safe cleaning products on hand is great for those quick clean ups, but there are also some very common household items that are effective and great for pet-safe cleaning. Keep in mind, too much of anything can be bad for Fido and Fluffy, so do not let your pet near containers of any cleaning product.

How to Remove a Tick from Your Pet

Ticks are digusting and unfortunately a part of Utah. If you’ve found a tick on your pet—how do you deal with it? While it’s important to get these little suckers off quickly, ASPCA veterinarians advise that you stay calm and don’t rush it. Moving too fast when removing a tick could potentially create more problems, both for your pet and for you.

While the following instructions employ tweezers, be aware that there are some very good products on the market designed specifically for safe tick removal.

10 Plants That Can Poison Pups

Keep this greenery out of your house and yard.
written by: Arden Moore
Pictures contributed by Diane Gil
For eight years, Jill Richardson, D.V.M., was the voice of safety at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center in Urbana, Ill. She fielded calls from frantic owners worried that their dogs had eaten a toxic leaf, stem, or flower.To protect her own dogs, Richardson made certain that poisonous plants never made their way into her Urbana home or her yard's landscape. "People are often surprised to learn that there are actually hundreds of plants potentially poisonous to dogs," says Richardson, who left the ASPCA to become associate director of consumer relations for Hartz Mountain Corp.

10 Tips for Air Travel with your Pet

Top 10 Tips for Safe Air Travel with Your Pet:Traveling can be highly stressful, both for you and the four-legged members of your family. But with thoughtful preparation, you can ensure a safe and comfortable trip for everyone.

The ASPCA urges pet owners to think twice about flying their pets on commercial airlines, especially if they plan on checking them in as cargo.

Unless your animal is small enough to fit under your seat and you can bring him or her in the cabin, the ASPCA recommends pet owners to not fly their animal.

Tips to Help Your Pet's Separation Anxiety

PPE Pet Supplies offers some great ideas for your pet's separation anxiety.
Treatment for Mild Separation Anxiety:

If your dog has a mild case of separation anxiety, counterconditioning might reduce or resolve the problem. Counterconditioning is a treatment process that changes an animal’s fearful, anxious or aggressive reaction to a pleasant, relaxed one instead. It’s done by associating the sight or presence of a feared or disliked person, animal, place, object or situation with something really good, something the dog loves.

Heat Stroke Prevention for your Pets

Here are some tips to prevent your pet getting heat stroke.
NEVERleave your pets in a car or back of a truck.
ALWAYShave a constant supply of fresh, clean, & cool water available at all times.
Older pets and very young pets are more susceptible to heat stroke.
Exposing your pets to stresses such as traveling, strange smells, sounds and sights can cause your pet to overheat
Excitement can be a cause for pets to overheat.
If left at home or in the yard, make sure they have cool water and a shady place to go.

Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Many of our pets are scared of fireworks, including mine.  We are offering a few ideas to make sure your pet has a safe 4th of July holiday,
First and foremost, make sure your pet has identification.  Micro-chips are great but your pet should have a collar and tag with your contact information for a quick return to you should he/she somehow escape in fright.
Have a "safe zone" somewhere in your house where your pet will be away from the loud noise of fireworks and can't escape.

Prepare for Summer Storms

Home Again Microchip for pets offers some wonderful advice for pet owners about preparing for summer storms.  For more information, please visit their website: http://public.homeagain.com/
Prepare for Summer Storms With storm season here, it’s important for cat and dog owners to realize that storm safety involves additional planning. When you have a pet, emergency preparedness becomes a great deal more complex.Whether you live in a place where hurricanes are the danger, or you’re more at risk from tornadoes and wildfires, the principals of pet emergency preparedness are basically the same:

What to do if you find a lost pet.

Home Again offers some excellent tips if you have found a lost pet.  We have listed the addresses and phone numbers on our website for the"NO KILL"  shelters.  You may refer to these places if you should find a lost pet. 
Also, you could bring the animal to one of the local veterinarians to see if he or she has a micro-chip.
Tips For Pet Rescuers
What to do when you find a lost pet: