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2011 Pet Food Drive Totals

We wish to say

to everyone who supported and donated to our
2011 Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive
for the Iron County Animal Shelters.

We picked up a total of 1,946 pounds of pet food 
from the boxes that we had located at
Urban Dawgs
CAL Ranch
and Cedar Veterinary Hospital

More donations were made directly to the animal shelters and Cedar Animal Rescuebringing our totals to well over 2,000 pounds of pet food. The following animal shelters are NO-KILL SHELTERS and are sharing the pet food with each other.

Where Did The Donated Pet Food Go?

We have been told by our pet food drop off locations for the Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive that there have been a lot of donations.  The problem is that no one from D&B's Pet Sitting has gotten those donations.  Someone has been picking these donations up and NOT delivering them to D&B's or to the shelter recipients due to receive the donations (Iron County Animal Shelter, Cedar Animal Rescue, Enoch and Parowan Animal Shelters).  Anyone else, not associated with one of these shelters is not authorized to take the pet food.

Pet Food Drive for Homeless Animals

DECEMBER 1-12, 2011
D&B's collected over 1,200 pounds of pet food last year during this event and hopes to collect even more this year to help the homeless animals of the
Iron County Shelters and Cedar Animal Rescue
This is Holly at IFA during our Spring Pet Food Drive

2011 Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive

We will be hosting another Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive as part of an international effort spearheaded by Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s largest association for professional pet sitters.
The Hungry Bowl™ Pet Food Drive collects much-needed pet food donations for local shelters across the country. Proceeds from this local pet food drive will go to The Animal Shelters of Iron County.
Our 2010 HUNGRY BOWL PET FOOD DRIVE WAS A SUCCESS.  D&B's collected 1238.

D&B's Spring Pet Food Drive Totals

We have the totals for D&B's Spring Pet Food Drive that benefitted the local animal shelters.  D&B's personally collected603.95 pounds of
dog food collected and 483.6 pounds of cat food collected for a total of 1,255.55 pounds of food that was delivered to the shelters.  This amount was collected from CAL Ranch, IFA and Urban Dawgz.
There was an undetermined amount of food delivered directly to the shelters by people donating as well as monies that were given in the form of gift cards to help them out.

Iron County Today Newspaper Article

Thank you Iron County Today Newspaper for posting an article about the Pet Food Drive for Iron County Shelters.  It is helping our cause.  We were able to deliver another donation this morning to the shelters. 
Also, the shelters will be doing an Animal Adoption at Cedar Animal Rescue on Saturday, May 21, 2011 from 10AM to 4PH.

Pet Food Drive for Iron County Homeless Animals

We are hosting another Pet Food Drive for the animals that are in with Cedar Animal Rescue as well as Enoch & Iron County Shelters. We have boxes placed in CAL Ranch and IFA on Main Street.  You can also drop any donations off directly at the shelters or at our place.
Cedar Animal Rescue on Hwy 56 is in desperate need of small bite and canned foods and Enoch tells me they are in need of canned food especially.  Anything that can be donated to them would be appreciated.

Pet Food Drive and Animal Adoptions in Cedar City

I recieved a call the other day from Cedar Animal Rescue stating they were in desperate need of pet food. C.A. R. is needingsmall bite dry and canned foods for dogs and cats.
I contacted Iron County Animal Shelter as well as Enoch Animal Shelter and they also are in need.  Enoch is in need of primarily canned foods.
Spring time is the time for new puppies and kittens which is one of the reasons why canned food is in demand.
In an effort to help all these shelters out, we are doing a

Click for FREE Pet Food

 Hi, all you animal lovers!

If you click on the link below and go to the Animal Rescue Site, your can help abused, neglected and homeless animals get FREE FOOD...just by clicking on the purple box that says, "Click Here to Give".  This doesn't cost you a thing...other than about 15 seconds of your time.
The corporate sponsors and advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned and neglected in excahnge for advertising.

Pet Sitter International Pet Food Drive Results

We received the totals for Pet Sitter International's  (PSI)
Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive.  There were 49 members who collected over 25,000 pounds of food for their local shelters.  D&B's Pet Sitting collected 1,283 pounds of that total.  Pretty impressive for our little town of Cedar City, Utah.  Thanks again to everyone who participated... you put us on the map!
The following links are articles written by Pet Sitters International and the Best Friends Network regarding the success of the pet food drive:

Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive Results

We have been so busy, we haven't posted our results for the Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive that we organized.  We were thrilled with the results.  We collected1089.5 pounds of dog foodand149 pounds of cat foodfor atotal of 1238.5 poundsof pet food for the Iron County Animal Shelter and Cedar Animal Rescue.
Iron County Animal Shelter shared their food with the Enoch Animal Shelter (part of Iron County) as they were in desperate need of pet food.  I neglected to take pictures of our deliveries to Iron County and Cedar Animal Rescue but did take a couple of pictures of the delivery to Enoch Animal Shelter.

A Pet Food Drive THANK YOU

The Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive ended yesterday and we picked up all of our boxes and food today.  We wereTHRILLEDwith the results.  A very specialTHANK YOUto Tamara Fleck at Best Friends for getting the word out as well as Bryan Komarek at Cherry Creek Radio for including us in their public service announcements.
A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated.  We'll publish the totals and pictures in the next day or so.
The homeless pets of Iron County Animal Shelter and Cedar Animal Rescue will have a wonderful Christmas and Happier New Year because of your donations.

3 days left for the Pet Food Drive

With only 3 days left of the Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive, we have had donations from just a select few and would like to say, "THANK YOU" to those folks who have supported us.  I know the shelters are greatly appreciative for whatever they receive.  We will list our pet food donation numbers once they are tallied after Sunday's collections. 

Pet Food Drive for Local Shelters

For Immediate Release

Contact:Diane orBruce Gil                                  
Phone: 435-865-7347