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Gail Workman Dog Training

The next session of dog obedience training with Gail Workman will begin with a 2 hour seminar on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 at Gail Workman's Dog Training Made Easy, 2494 South, 18100 West, Cedar City, Utah

For questions, please contact Gail directly at

The first class is a seminar WITHOUT dogs.

Week 2 class days and times available:
***subsequent weeks are 1 hour long classes

Beginning class 
Wednesday April 26 11: am     

Wednesday April 26
Puppy class 4 months - 7 months old 6:00 pm to 7:00

Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2014 in Cedar City


11 AM   TO   3 PM   



Friends of Festival Country K9s is hosting their 3rd Annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day at Cedar Middle School and Park Discovery, 2215 W. Royal Hunte Drive in Cedar City.  It will be hosted on the lawns across from the Aquatic Center.

This family friendly event welcomes people to bring their well-behaved, leashed dogs to try out some of the agility equipment purchased with donations and RAP funds.

Therapy Dogs in Southern Utah

Therapy Dogs International(TDI)was founded in 1976 with it's headquarters based in Flanders, New Jersey.

TDI is a volunteer group that offers qualified handlers and their dogs to visit institutions, hospitals, facilities, schools and any other place where Therapy Dogs are Needed.

The purpose of Therapy Dogs is to provide comfort & companionship to those in need.  So many people benefit from the unconditional love and acceptance of animals.  It is clinically proven that animals help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and help relieve depression.

Low Cost Micro-Chips for Iron County Pets

In an effort to help Iron County Shelters and Rescues find the owners of lost pets, Friends of Festival Country K9s is offering micro-chipping to the community at a very reduced rate.
Cost to Members of Friends of Festival Country K9s (FFCK9s) is only $20 per pet.  Cost to the General Public is only $30 per pet.  This price includes registration with Home Again Pet ID and Recovery Service.

The Group is offering the next micro-chip clinic at the Grand Opening of the new 

AKC's Video on The Dog Listener

Friends of Festival Country K9s work in the Iron County Area to bring awareness and educate the community how to be a responsible pet owner.

One of the things that they are promoting is a video by the name of The Dog Listener which is presented by the AKC.  It is a wonderful video that tells how children should approach a new dog, what to do and not do around dogs they don't know, and more. I've included the link in this blog.  Please take the time to check it out and see for yourself how to become a Dog Listener.

Dog Training Available in Cedar City

Friends of Festival Country K-9sis offering Basic Obedience Classes which work toward your dog being aCanine Good Citizen.  These classes are being offered to the general public at a cost of $20.00.  Classes normally cost $75.00.  Classes will run in 4 week increments.

The next session of classes begin indoors on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 5PM at theCedar Skate and Fun Center, 912 Airport Road, Cedar City.

Other classes will be offered for an additional fee.  A couple of the classes will include Puppy Classes & Advanced Obedience.

Hay Is Needed for Homeless Horses

Iron County has a new horse sanctuary called theDust Devil Ranch Horse Sanctuary.  This sanctuary was developed and is being run by Ginger Grimes.  The animals placed with her sanctuary have come from various situations including hoarding, neglect, abuse, age or illness.

She is supported byBest Friendson a limited basis and is in need of donations.  The donations needed primarily consist of hay (alfalfa, 3 way, grass mix) , grain (senior grain, rice bran, alfalfa pellets, oats & rolled oats) as well as cash donations for incidentals or donations made directly to local veterinarians for medical care.

Dog Friendly Hikes in Southern Utah

Friends of Festival Country K9s also known as the "Dog Park" Group has released a new pamphlet giving some great locations for dog friendly hikes.

From walking trails to National Parks and BLM land, the brochure helps answer frequently asked questions and gives you tips on things you should know before hiking with your dog(s).  Also included are the contact numbers BLM, Forestry Service and more.

Please feel free to download the attached to use as a reference.

Happy Trails from D&B's  

August 2012 Bark for a Dog Park Newsletter

TheAugust 2012 BARK FOR A DOG PARK Newsletterhas been posted to our the Friends of Festival Country K-9's website.  
Please click on the link to get your copy.

In this issue, we have compiled information on Rattlesnake Avoidance Training and info. regarding the rattlesnake vaccine, what to do in the case of a lost pet, and much more.

The newsletters were started back in April of 2012 and if you would like see back issues, visit theWelcomepage of the website and download your copies.

Canine Good Citizen Classes with Gail Workman

Gail Workmanis offering Canine Good Citizen Classes to those that signed up for membership with Friends of Festival Country K-9's.

Friends of Festival Country K-9sis a non-profit group whose mission is to educate and Influence the community through FUN Events like our DOG PARK 4 A DAY and provide educational outreach.

We hope to help inspire a better understanding and appreciation of dogs while dispelling damaging myths & encouraging responsible ownership practices.

Gail is the group'sDirector of Education