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Petsense in Cedar City to Host Dog Park Items

Petsense, in their effort to support the building of Iron County's first dog park, has offered space to the group, Friends of Festival Country K9s, to display and sell items to raise funds for the new fenced dog park to be built.

There will be T-Shirts & dog leashes for sale and a location for donations.  Brochures will be available to find out more about this grass roots project.

Friends of Festival Country K9s is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that originated in Cedar City in 2012.  

After several years and many failed attempts to work with Cedar City to build a fenced dog park for the community, they began negotiations with Enoch City in May of 2016 with a potential site. 

In June 2016, Enoch City Council voted unanimously, along with the support of the Mayor, Chief of Police, Animal Control and City Manager to host Iron County's FIRST fenced dog park.

The dog park will be built in 3 phases.  Each phase will be a separate fenced area: 
 1) Family / Training area, 2) small dog area, 3) large dog area.

Phases are needed due to the expense of fencing and landscaping.  The first area, fencing alone, has been bid between $11,000 and $12,000.  

The group is still accepting bids for fencing and landscaping.  Please contact Diane or Bruce Gil at 435-865-7347 or email festivalcountryk9s@gmail.com if you are interested in submitting a bid, or could perhaps donate supplies, labor or funds towards this effort.

The location is 3 acres at 6200 N. Minersville Road (2 miles past Midvalley).  
Next to the 3 acres, the new Enoch Animal Shelter will be built.  Building is expected to begin by summer of 2017.

The group is completely volunteer and has been fundraising to support all Iron County Animal Shelters since it's inception in 2012 with everything from pet food, cat litter, dog beds, blankets, collars, leashes, spay/neuter, vet expenses and any other needs that may arise.

While continuing to support the animal shelters, they are now fundraising to build the new fenced dog park.  They will be working regularly with Petsense to have pet adoptions for our local animal shelters and rescues as well as discount micro-chip clinics for the community.  

The micro-chip clinics help raise funds.  The Pet Adoption and Micro-chip clinic on March 4th at Petsense was a huge success.  There will be another at the same location on Sat., April 15th and again on Sat., May 6th.  

Please visit the website at EnochDogPark.com or on Facebook under Friends of Festival Country K9s and Enoch City Dog Park.