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I just added a new page to our website for Lost Pets that gives names, addresses, phone numbers, and internet links to local Animal Shelters, Veterinarians, Groomers, Boarding Facilities, Rescue Groups, suggested Facebook links, newspaper contacts, radio contact, Craigslist, KSL and more.

Our Story
I write this because we, personally, just had a scare with our son and daughter-in-law’s dog.  Their dog Foxie was visiting some family on the south end of town in Cedar City when their neighbors blew off fireworks.  Within ½ hour of Foxie running off, there were family and friends scouring the surrounding neighborhoods looking for her.  Foxie is 13 years old and normally tires pretty quickly so we did not think she would have gone too far.  Boy, were we wrong.  This happened on a Sunday afternoon so we knew Cedar City Animal Control was not working and they were not called right away.  That was our biggest mistake.  Even though the shelter is not open, Dispatch is working 24/7 and they can relay your information to the police on duty.
About 2 hours after Foxie was missing, a call was made to Dispatch to see if anyone reported a dog fitting Foxie’s description.  Low and behold, a police officer had tried catching her on the freeway an hour earlier but she was so scared she darted away.  While we were all scouring the nearby neighborhood, she had made it an estimated 7 MILES to the north end of town within an HOUR of her loss.  Had we called Dispatch earlier, we could have been looking in the correct location.  As it was, we didn’t start looking in the area where she was located until just before dark. 
With temperatures dropping quickly, we were feeling panicked about Foxie freezing.  We got help from some wonderful and amazing people, who don’t even know Foxie.  They found our posts on Facebook and quickly joined the search.  I highly recommend using Social Media like Facebook to get the word out immediately.  Foxie was lost just after 2PM, I was notified at 3PM and I posted her pictures, description and contact phone numbers immediately after hearing about her loss.  I also immediately made up Posters and fliers (3 to a page) that could be left with people when going door to door.
We had 60 “shares” to other Facebook locations off of my personal Facebook page alone by 11PM and multiple “re-shares” all over the internet.  People were “bumping” our post on blogs to keep them at the top of the feeds.  The public kept her pictures and information front and center but it is strongly suggested you do this yourself if you do not have anyone to help you “bump”.  Long story, but I just want it to be noted, Facebook and social media works. 
Foxie was found by flashlight at about 11:30PM in single digit freezing temperatures because her owners, family and new social media friends would not give up.  She was down the embankment from the freeway.  They were walking the freeway on both sides and on the median to look for tracks where the police had seen her and followed some tracks to under a bush.  She was curled up in a ball and freezing but is alive and well.  Her parents immediately purchased a GPS tracker to put on her collar so they know exactly where she is at all times.  More Info on GPS Trackers is posted.
The family would like to THANK everyone involved with helping to locate Foxie.  In our family, our dogs are our 4 legged children and mean the world to us.  We can’t express our gratitude enough to everyone that helped.  What an amazing and wonderful community we live in. 
A little information about me.  I have been involved in some way with pet rescue since 1986.   We have fostered many animals and have worked with numerous rescue groups and shelters all over the western U.S. as well as having worked for a veterinarian.  Second only to family, my passion is, and always has been, animals since I was a child.  My husband, Bruce, and I started a pet sitting and dog boarding business in Cedar City  in 2007.  You can visit www.CedarCityPetSitting.com for more information about us. 
I hope the following information helps you, if you have the traumatic experience of losing your pet.  The following information can be printed off of our Facebook page and website as well.
Diane Gil
D&B’s Pet Sitting

This is our grand dog, Foxie.

Our grand dogs Foxie and Lokie