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Cedar City Dog Park - Our Vision

My husband, Bruce Gil, and I have been working to bring the community an off leash dog park to Cedar City along with a group of other people and have met with much resistance.

One of the things that brought resistance is the lack of funds to build a dog park which brought us to starting a non profit 501.c.3 so people who donate to our group can get a tax deductible receipt.

We were approved by the IRS in record time and have made huge steps forward in the community by hosting regular pet adoptions for shelter pets, offering low cost and free dog training seminars and classes, hosting fun events that can help people get motivated to be involved with their pets and so much more.

Our biggest challenge to date is convincing the Cedar City Council how popular dog parks are and what they can bring to a community.

Dog parks are not just for dogs, they are for the community that owns them. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 62% of all households own 1 or more dogs. 

Since the inception of the group, we have made more friends than we ever thought possible, all because we share the love of dogs.  We all have learned new things together while making lifelong friends.

We presented several site plans to the Council and each was rejected for one reason or another.  The latest location that we have our eyes on is directly off Main Street at the 820 South water tower.  It is where the "C" Trail head parking lot is and the paved walking trails.  The location is considered a subsidence area which makes it difficult to build on because of ground movement.

The problem with this location is that watering grass is not an option.  We are prepared to "settle" for natural or native landscaping with something like decomposed granite.  

We have Eagle Scouts, and Volunteer Groups willing to help with putting up fencing, making shade areas (pergolas or gazebos), clearing, making information kiosks.  We just need approval on a location and it won't cost the city a dime and will give the dog owning community a place to socialize, learn and play.

Join us in our efforts.  We'd love to hear your ideas and would welcome your help.

Diane Gil
President - Friends of Festival Country K9s
and The Cedar City Dog Park Group

***Pictures of our own, personal, "dog park" at our home for our dogs & guests.