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Therapy Dogs in Southern Utah

Therapy Dogs International (TDI) was founded in 1976 with it's headquarters based in Flanders, New Jersey.

TDI is a volunteer group that offers qualified handlers and their dogs to visit institutions, hospitals, facilities, schools and any other place where Therapy Dogs are Needed.

The purpose of Therapy Dogs is to provide comfort & companionship to those in need.  So many people benefit from the unconditional love and acceptance of animals.  It is clinically proven that animals help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and help relieve depression.

Handlers and dogs must pass testing in order to receive Certification through TDI.  TDI will offer insurance and support for their Therapy teams.  

Friends of Festival Country K9s in Cedar City, Utah is a big supporter of TDI and encourages their members to test and join the group with their pets to enhance the human-animal bond, promote emotional well being, healing and the quality of life for so many in need.

LeAnn Sawyer is the Certified Evaluator in the Southern Utah Area.  If you are interested in finding out more, her phone number is 435-272-4630 and her email address is: spiritdog50@aol.com

Find out more by visiting the TDI website at: