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Enoch Shelter Dog Exercise Area/Dog Park

The City of Enoch Animal Shelter has property behind the shelter that is 108’ X 48’ that they have cleared in order to put fencing up for an exercise area for the shelter dogs.  

They will also open this area to the public during daytime hours for the community to use.  This area will follow the guidelines of a dog park, which would be the first in Iron County.  The location is 4916 North 600 East, Enoch. 

Our neighboring county of Washington presently has 5 dog parks.  The location of these parks can be found at www.FestivalCountryK9s.Org

Enoch City is in need of donations to finish building this site.  They need 6’ chain link fencing and the poles for the fencing, gates for public entrance as well as large gates for vehicle entrance, surface material like clean washed sand for a base so dogs do not get dirty/muddy, benches, covered garbage cans, trees for shade, a large livestock waterer for a swimming pool, bulletin board to post notices and upcoming events, dog park rules signage, pooper scooper station, concrete area and the help of Eagle Scouts or some other group to help in construction.

Please contact Chris Johnson, Enoch Animal Control Officer, for questions and donations.  She can be reached at:435-559-3885