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Agility Classes in Cedar City

Gail Workman is offering Agility 101 Classes beginning on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at her home which is 20 miles west of Cedar City proper off of Highway 56..  Her home has a safe, large fenced in grass area for training.

The course is an 8 week coarse $75.00 for the 8 weeks or $15.00 a week

Dogs will learn:

To come when called - off leash control
Navigate agility equipment: Dog Walk, A fram, teetor totter (all built for beginner dogs to learn on), open tunnel, closed tunnel, Weave poles, Jumping skills.

This agility class will help build confidence in you and your dog as a team.  Give your dog the outlet it needs to exercise it's body and brain.  You and your dog will feel good about the accomplishments.

If you are interested in Agility 101 with Gail Workman, call Gail at        
435-592-5487   to reserve your place in the class