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Festival Country K-9s is hosting the Dog Park 4 A Day Event at Park Discovery from 10AM to 4PM on June 16th .

All Iron County Animal Shelters and Rescues will be there with adoptable pets.  There will be a 40' X 50' cyclone fenced area (miniature dog park) donated by Robinson Fencing, near the adoptable animals where you can introduce your pet to his or her potential new family member.  

This area will be available for dogs to run, play and socialize with other dogs for specified periods.  It will be run on a rotation basis with large dogs then small dogs.

The majority of our demonstrators are coming from outside of Iron County and we Thank them for their support and involvement.  Some of our demonstrators include:

Pam Williams - The Hitch'n Post - Search and Rescue K-9s
Cedar City Police Department K-9's
Southern Utah Dog Sports (Washington County Areas)
Dr. Casey Wittwer - Zion Veterinary Clinic with his Atomic Disc Dogs (Las Vegas)
Anita Delelles - Hearts of Fire Animal Acu-Massage (St. George and Nevada)
Lee Ann Sawyer  & Miriam Davis - Therapy Dogs
Gail Workman - Canine Good Citizenship & Obedience

Our demonstration area will be a fenced area 200' X 200' with fencing donated by Home Depot.  This demonstration area will be where the majority of our events will take place, like flyball, agility, disc, search & rescue, and the police K-9s. 

There will be a taped off area where the tracking demonstration will take place.  Track is being laid by scent and we ask all people and their dogs stay off of this area until the demonstration has been done.  

The demonstrators are offering all their services for FREE.

If you want to try these various events out, you will be able to after the demonstrations have taken place.

There will be food vendors as well as other vendors at this event.

Photographers will be on hand to take pictures of you and your dog(s) with the beautiful scenic background of Cedar Mountain. If you want this picture on a shirt, Designer Desktop is offering to do this at a great price or you can just purchase the picture for $5.00.

We have many donated items from local businesses and will have a raffle and silent auction.  Funds being raised are to help offer more events like this and offer educational outreach as well as building a stronger sense of community by bringing people together with similar interests and to support our animal shelters and rescues. 

Friends of Festival Country K-9s was formerly known as the Cedar City Dog Park Group.  Our interests encompass much more than just a dog park.

THANK YOU to Home Depot, Robinson Fencing, Toads, Lins, IFA, CAL Ranch, Tiki Shack, Robyn at the Hair Boutique, Walmart, Urban Dawgz, Wet Willys, Sizzler, Hearts Of Fire, Lovin Arms, D&B's Pet Sitting, Loretta Putnam, Kim Ritz, The Tire Shop, Canyons and Crags, Malynda @ The Hair Boutique ALL the Animal Shelters and Rescues, Dr. Casey Wittwer DVM, to name just some of our supporters.

Tentative Schedule as follows:

10AM -  Flyball - SUDS (So. Utah Dog Sports)
10:15AM - Talk on Therapy Dogs - LeeAnn Sawyer, Miriam Davis
10:45- Disc (Frisbee) with Dr. Casey Wittwer DVM
11:15 AM - Search and Rescue K-9s with Pam Williams of the Hitch'n Post
11:45AM  - Agility with SUDS
12:15 PM - Tracking with Gail Workman
12:45 PM - Cedar City Police K-9's  (CONFIRMED BUT TIME IS UNCONFIRMED - We might have to reschedule their time)
1:15 - Anita Delelles - The Healing Art of Animal (& Human)  acu-massage
1:30 - Canine Good Citizen/Obedience - Gail Workman

Single and Family Membership to our group is $20 for a ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP and will include:  

1.   Participation of all events in the Fun Day ($25 Value)
2.  Bandanna 
3.   Goody Bag
4.  A 4 week training course with Certified Trainer, Gail Workman on Canine Good Citizenship ($75 Value)
5.   Membership Card   



Park Users and Dog Owners Assume All Risk to the use of this park.Owners/Custodians of a dog are responsible for the acts and conduct of thedog at all times.

For safety reasons, all babies and toddlers must be in strollers orbackpacks.  Older children MUST be supervised at all times.

Always ask dog owner's/custodians permission to approach or interact with their dog.

All dogs should be on a leash and completely vaccinated when brought to public venues for their health and the health of others.

Do not bring aggressive, sick, or dogs that are in heat.

Please pick up after your pets.  Bags are available.

Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of privileges for park use during this event.