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Licensing Your Pet in Cedar City

If you live within Cedar City Limits, your dog (or cat) is supposed to be licensed with the city.  A dog tag will be issued at the time of purchase and should be on your dog’s collar.

Currently, there are two locations that you can license your dog.  One is at the Cedar City Animal Control,  435-586-2960, 1150 Kitty Hawk Drive, Cedar City and the other at the City Offices, 435- 586-2953 10 N. MainStreet, Cedar City.

The cost to license is $10.00 if your pet is spayed or neutered and $50.00 for unspayed/unneutered pets. 

You must submit proof of rabies at the time of licensing and also proof of spay/neuter to get the discount.

If you purchase your license through the Animal Control office, you can pay only by cash, check or money order.

If you purchase your license through the City Offices, you can also pay by credit or debit. 

Friends of Festival Country K-9s has offered their services to the City to license pets for the City at the Low Cost Vaccination and Micro-Chip Clinic on a monthly basis.  We have still not heard anything back on this offer.  Another idea that we would like to suggest, is that the City allow the local veterinarians to license pets at the time their clients get their pet's yearly vaccinations.  We believe doing things this way would benefit our citizens as well as the City.

Purchasing a tag at a local pet store with your pet’s name on it does NOT CONSTITUTE being licensed by the city.

If your dog is picked up AND LICENSED by the City, they will return your dog to you without charge so you will not have to pay impound fees, if they can contact you 

If your dog is not licensed, you will have to pay an impound fee of $20 and $10 per day “boarding”. By state law, they only have to hold the dog for 5 days before it becomes available for adoption.

A SECOND Offense fee is $40 with $10 per day and the THIRD Offense if $60.00 with a $10.00 per day charge.

It makes sense to have your dog licensed with the City.  It could save you a lot of money in the long run if your pet is an escape artist.