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Meeting Notes for Cedar City Dog Park Group for Feb. 2012

The following are the meeting notes from the February 2012 Friends of the Cedar City Dog Park Group:
Called meeting of  Friends of Cedar City Dog Park
February 22, 2012 @ 6PM
Cedar City Library inthe Park
Attending:  Diane Gil, Bruce Gil, Paul White, Julie LeBaron, Lynne Brown, Kim Ritz, Jessica Van Woeart,Sarah Scott, Jeri Kelsey, Bitsy McClain, Cindy Butts, Gail Workman.
The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM and Diane Gil initiated discussion of the FCCDP board. Due to the requirements of filing for the 501 c (3) status, our group will need a Board of Directors and officers. Diane & Kim had worked on developing the By-laws and Articles of Incorporation.  Kim presented a written copy of the draft which many had also received on email earlier this week.  We went through the Articles and people made various suggestions for change.  Sarah Scott recommended that the Board of Directors (BOD) have a Director of Communication.  We need someone who hasskills at PR and public speaking.  After discussion and agreement, Jessica VanWoeart accepted the nomination for this position.  Paul White also agreed to assist with the PR duties.  In discussing the needs and roles of the other people on the BOD, Lynne Brown recommendedthat the total BOD should have up to 9 people including the officers.  Bitsy McClain would like for someone to be charged with updating the website and monitor the Face Book page.  As of this point, Diane and Bruce Gil have been doing this task. 
In addition to the discussion and nomination of officers,the group discussed the long term mission of this non-profit incorporation and determined that a more encompassing name would benefit the mission after the dog park is established.  The name“Friends of Festival County K-9s” (FFCK-9) was approved by all. Since the Friends of Cedar City Dog Park has already gained some momentum and namerecognition with a great new logo and advertising, we will continue to use that name for the purposes of developing the dog park in Cedar City.
The following nine board member names and officer nominations for the FFCK-9 were put forward to the entire group for a vote:
President: Diane Gil
Vice-President: Paul White
Treasurer: Kim Ritz
Secretary: Lynne Brown
Director of Communication: Jessica Van Woeart
Director of Education: Gail Workman
Director of SUU Relations: Sarah Scott
Animal Welfare Specialist: Bitsy McClain
Technology Specialist: Bruce Gil
The group in attendance voted unanimously to approve this Board of Directors and Officers of Friends of Festival Country K-9s.
As a group, the people attending this meeting agreed thatfuture meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 PM.  For the next two months, we have the largemeeting room reserved at the Cedar City Library.  The next meeting is Tuesday, March 13.
Diane and Bruce have requested that anyone having signed petitions in support of the dog park need to get them to Bruce.  He is in the process of uploading all the names on to the website and has a total of 985 to this date. He is sure we will be over 1,000 very soon.
Kim will be in touch with the officers to sign theArticles of Incorporation as required by Bruce Hughes who is filing for thenon-profit status.
Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM. 
Respectfully Submitted,
Lynne Brown, Secretary
Friends of Festival Country K-9s aka
Friends of Cedar City Dog Park