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Scoop The Poop

In speaking with Cedar City Officials and City Council Members over the last few months, The Cedar City Dog Park Group has found that the number one complaint has been that there is dog waste left behind everywhere.
Our hope is to curtail this problem by bringing awareness to the general dog owning public that this is NOT acceptable.
Beside the fact that there are serious health risks to humans as well as dogs by not picking up after dogs, it is just plain disgusting.
One gram of dog waste contains up to 23 MILLION fecal coliform bacteria which are known to cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness and serious kidney disorders in humans.
Dog Waste is the most common carrier of:
Parvo     Corona Virus    Heartworms
Whipworms     Salmonellosis     Roundworms
Hookworms    Tapeworms     Cryptosporidiosis
Leaving behind a dog’s waste in our parks, on our walking trails, in town and especially in a neighbor’s yard is certainly not neighborly but is also dangerous, disrespectful, irresponsible, and downright insulting. These few people are giving ALL dog owners a bad name.
If you see someone not picking up after their pet, please inform them of the dangers and ask that they do.
The parks provide waste bags and it is easy enough to carry baggies or used shopping bags while walking.
Not picking up after pets is how dog owners will get banned from our park system. A perfect example is the Lake on the Hill next to the Aquatic Center. Because a few irresponsible dog owners did not pick up after their pets, the remainder of the dog owning population has been banned.