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We are OFF and....

RUNNING…and it is feeling GOOD!
People always use the saying, “It’s all in the numbers”.  If that is the case, our numbers are looking good.
When I held the folder of dog park petitions a few weeks ago, we had over 40 pages of signatures supporting the dog park.  The average page consisted of 15 to 25 signatures per page, depending upon the formatting.  This folder is “out there”,within our group, and I know has changed hands a few times to the good folks willing to help get more signatures.  In other words, I don’t know how many signatures we have but…
Last night when I went to work on our personal website, I decided to look at our site activity.  Due to a very busy schedule, I have been unable spend much time on it. Many of my pages containing things like: the low cost spay/neuter, and vaccination & microchip clinics, etc. for Southern Utah were out of date. 
I took a look at our site activity statistic just as a side note and almost fell out of my chair.
On January 18,2012, I decided to post a quick blog about, “TenReasons to Support a Dog Park”.  Our site statistics were fabulous.  That one small blog created enough traffic , not just here in Cedar City, but worldwide,to bring us to almost 5,000 views (on just the blog) which tells me…there is a lot of interest in dog parks, not only in Cedar City but around the world.
I guess it shouldn’t be surprising when The Trust for PublicLandreleased its findings that dog parks are the fastest growing park in the United States.  The USAToday reported the same with the quote, Dog owners have become a powerful lobby,because they feel that "these children of ours are furry, they have four legs but we're still paying taxes to be here and we still want our recreational needs met."  I couldn't have said it any better.
Keep the support coming folks!  We might actually get approval from our City Council for a dog park in Cedar City.  Go to our “Contact Us” page and leave a quick note telling us why you would support a dog park. 
Negative comments are welcome too because we investigate your concerns and address them in the Q&A on our website.