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Dog Park Pledges Needed

The dog park group is needing pledges to prove to the Cedar City Council, whom they will be addressing on February 15, 2012, that the community is in support of the dog park.  Everyone who pledges will be acknowledged of their support via our website and on printed materials,  See below:

Hello from Friends of the Cedar City Dog Park Project!

A new dog park in the city, where dogs can legally run off-leash needs community support.

Our group is in the preliminary stages of drawing up a master plan to detail land requirements,material costs, publicity, and liability assessments.

The benefit of having a local dog park is very popular as an established part of city life. Touristswho visit Cedar City for Summer Games, Shakespeare Festival plays, or who want a stop on theway to national parks often bring their dogs with them. A dog park would allow these pets abreak from being cooped up in motels and motor vehicles.

For the elderly or disabled who are unable to take their dogs on walks, a dog park providesa safe, manageable free-range exercise place. Local residents alike will benefit from an areaexclusively set aside for dog owners, where they may throw toys or enjoy teaching tricks orobedience training without the restrictions of a leash. Additional social life for both owners andpets can be enjoyed.

Actual support funds may not be accepted until the group obtains non-profit status. Thisapplication is in process. Meanwhile, we are asking for your support in the form of a financial pledge. We will remind you to honor your pledge when non-profit status is acquired. Any amount will be appreciated, no matter how small. Some have already expressed an interest in donating to the new dog park as soon as possible.

On the Donation Pledge sheet you may indicate your interest in helping the dog park.  We will keep you apprised of special memorial items as the park is planned. A brick pathway,with a name on each brick, is being considered, as well as park benches, a water fountain for people and pets, memorial garden plaques, special trees, and so forth. 

You will have an opportunity to choose a memorial gift if it appeals to you.
Thank you for your interest in the new Cedar City dog park.  After it is built, and dogs are enjoying freedom in the open air, you will have the pleasure of knowing that your contribution to a dog’s life is very much appreciated.

For further information, and if you would like to sign the petition, please go to our website:www.cedarcitydogpark.info