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Cedar City Dog Park Meeting 1-7-2012

Minutes from meeting on 1/7 - called to order 3:05PM
In attendance:  Kim Ritz, Lynne Brown, Diane Gil & Paul White
Lynne was told by Nina Barnes on the City Council that we should meet with the  Parks and Recreation Advisory board before going addressing the City Council.
 Lynne is going to get in touch with Bruce Barclay who is a member of the Park Committee to see when they are scheduled to meet.  It's more than likely the City Council will refer our request to this Committee (chairperson is Nina Barnes), so we would like to find out more about them.  
Diane Gil will call Wally Davis, City Parks and Outdoor Facilities Director, to ask questions and advice in our preparation needs and will contact other organizations like SUDS (So. Utah Dog Sports) to see if we can get their support.
Lynne will be contacting Maria Twitchell at the Visitors Center about the Tourism benefit of the park.
Based on the plat maps obtained from the City, there are three potential sites.  I will post the plat maps next week for the following:
1.  Eastern end of 200 South where the walking trails go up the canyon.  The City owns 142 acres in this area. 
2.  Eastern end of 800 South - the City owns 30+ acres in this area.  The homes in this area have foundation problems due to the ground shifting.  This could be a positive aspect for a park because it will not require a concrete foundation. 
3.  Bicentennial Park - between the skate park and the West baseball field.  This should be a location of last resort because it's so small.  If we could use the space behind the Skate Park, it would increase the size but the design team would have to be creative with the layout. 
Note:  The Park Committee may have other sites they can recommend.
It was recommended that we find a landscape architect willing to donate time to help design the dog park.  If anyone is aware of anyone willing to help, please contact Kim Ritz.
Fundraising & Money
Paul White has many ideas for fundraising activities which he submitted and will be shared with Jessica Van Woeart who has offered to help in the fund raising areas. 
Kim will get a RAP tax application and research the process for gaining non-profit status and a tax ID number for the group so we can open a bank account for the dog park.
Our understanding is that Economic Development will be a key factor to present to the City Council.  In other words, how will it benefit Iron County and Cedar City.  Diane Gil will be looking further into these benefits.
Sarah Scott had suggested by phone that dog park members start attending the City Council meetings whenever possible so we can have face recognition and we are more familiar with who we are going to be working with.  City Council Meetings are in the building where the Police Department is (off Main Street & near the parking garage).  If you enter the building from the parking garage area, the door will be on your left. City Council Meetings are at 5:30 on the first 4 Wednesdays of the month.
Sarah also said  by phone that she would write a letter to local businesses to get their support.
It was agreed that we should be putting printed materials about the park in various places about town, vets offices, doctors office, laundry mat, stores, beauty salons or anywhere where there is a waiting room.  Diane left printed materials at Urban Dawgs with Alicia.  If you can help with this project and deliver printed materials to places that you might frequent, please go to Urban Dawgs to pick up business cards, post cards or printed flyers.  These items were purchased personally by Diane so if you can take an original copy and make copies from that, it would be appreciated ( in order to spread some of the expense). 
Start preparing for the City Council meeting on February 15th.