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Rainy Day Fun for your Dog

Rainy Day Fun For Your DogYour dog will wish everyday was a rainy day with these fun games and activities!

 It’s that time of year. The rain is pouring, it’s freezing outside, and your dog is bouncing off the walls. You don’t want to go outside, but Fido needs exercise. The following games are a fun way to beat the raining day blues and exercise your dog indoors; both his mind and body! 

1. Set-up an indoor agility course. Just like your kids did when they were little, you can use furniture, cardboard boxes, and laundry baskets to set up an agility course. A broom set across the bottom of two chairs (or the top if you have a large dog) is a great jump. An overturned laundry basket can work as a pause table. This is a great way to burn off some energy and teach your dog some commands! 

2. Activity dog toys. There are many new treat toys on the market that make your dog think about how to get the treat from them. These are great to occupy your dog and stimulate his or her mind. If you have to leave your house, these are a great way to keep Fido occupied while you are gone. 

3. Dog games. A company called Darfinc has created 3 board and card games that you can play with a dog! These amazing, fun games are perfect for a game day with family and friends. You can play with one dog or multiple, and you can even play by yourself. The best part? Your dog is learning manners and tricks while playing!  

4. Hide ‘n’ Seek. Put your dog in his kennel or in a different room, and then hide treats around for him to find. This is especially great for scent-hounds! Let him out, show him a treat and sit back and watch the fun! If you have never played a seeking game with your dog, you may want to hide a few in plain sight, so your dog knows there are things to be found. The more you play, the trickier you can get with the hiding spots. You can also hide toys if your dog is toy driven. 

5. Indoor rally course. Like agility, rally obedience can easily be done inside your house. Use cones or really anything lying around the house as markers for the course. If you have never done rally; it’s easy! Each station gives you and your dog a command to follow. You can make up your own, or follow this link to print your own rally obedience signs. You can get descriptions of what each rally obedience sign means here

Remember, it’s all about having fun while exercising and stimulating your dog – a tired dog won’t chew up your sofa!

This article was taken from:  www.dogchannel.com