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Cedar City's 2nd Annual RAVE and Camp at Three Peaks

SUU's Club EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is Teaming up with All in1 Productions to do it again!  THE FREE 2nd ANNUAL EUPHORIA RAVE 'N CAMP
This event is Alcohol & Drug Free FUN for people of all ages.
Last year the moon was bright, the music great and the bonfire blazing. It was an exciting new experience.  Bruce and I went last year just to see what a "rave" was all about (being "old fogies" we had never been to one) and we had a blast.
The event is free as well as free camping (All In 1 Productions has paid the bill).
The event is located at The Three Peaks Recreation Area in the pavilion overlooking the beautiful valley and Cedar City's lights.

The music starts at 8pm on Saturday Aug 20th, 2011

Amazing Visuals, Huge Sound, Gogo Dancers and Free Givaways

Professional photographers

DJ's scheduled for this event are:

DJo3l               8 - 8:45

Zach Green       8:45 - 9:45

DJ Eddy V        9:45 - 10:45

Christo 3lektric  10:45 - Midnight
Three Peaks is popular recreation area that is located about 10 miles northwest of Cedar City. The area's rolling hills and volcanic rock formations provide fantastic terrain for picnicking, camping, bike riding, off- road vehicle use and even has areas for horsebackriding. Three Peaks is a great place with outdoor activities to enjoy for every age group. It offers unique rock formations that are fun to explore.
Head west on Hwy. U-56 from Cedar City to Lund Hwy; head north for about five miles to Mid-Valley Rd., then west for about two miles.
*****This event is heavily patrolled.  Please watch your speed on Mid-Valley Road and in the park...they WILL stop you for speeding.