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The Incredible Journey Across Cedar City

Do you remember the true story that was made into a movie, "The Incredible Journey", about 2 dogs and a cat that found their way across the wilderness to return home?
Well, I have another true story about a client's dog that did the same thing...albeit not as many miles as the 3 pets portrayed in the movie.
The date is July 24, 2011, Pioneer Day in Utah which is a state holiday and means loud fire works and firecrackers celebrating the settling of Brigham Young and the Mormon Pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley. 
Little Foxy girl, a client of ours, was visiting her owner's family at the far south end of town in Cedar City.  She was staying with family so her owners could spend a couple days of vacation down in Zion.  Foxy was let out in the back yard for a potty break and when they opened the door to let her back in, she was not there with the other dogs.  She had escaped, out of fear, under the fence due to fireworks being let off in the area.
Family spent the night and the rest of the next day looking for her, going door to door and putting up "Lost Dog" flyers.  There were people driving around the roads, on ATV's and motorcycles in the surrounding hills & walking the pavement...no one had sighted her. 
After a day of futility and working into the night, the owners decided to go back home on the north end of town feeling utterly dejected.
When I recieved the call on Monday night that she was missing, I was ready to do all I could to help.  I love this little girl.  I had all my notes in place, another "Missing" poster started, a blog, an email, and my telephone call list ready to go when I received a second call about an hour later...  
Once they were home, there came a knock on the door.  It was a neighbor asking if they had lost their dog. 
Little Foxy had made the journey, all by herself, back to her home but Mom and Dad weren't there, so the neighbor took her in...Bless their hearts.  I don't know the exact mileage from the south east end of town to the north west where she lives but that is a really long way for anyone, let alone a little dog, alone, at night.
I stopped in and visited little Foxy today and other than missing her collar and being stiff and sore, she's appears to be just fine.
Which brings me back to my position of....please get your pet microchipped.  Foxy lost her collar somewhere along her journey.  If the neighbors didn't recognize her, who knows where she would be now. 
Collars get lost, the micro-chip doesn't.
We HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting your pets micro-chipped.
There is a Pet Vaccination & Micro-chip Clinic being held at the IFA Country Store on 905 South Main Street in Cedar City on Friday, July 29th 2011 from 5PM to 7PM.  No appointments are necessary and they take cash, visa, MC or Amex.  No personal checks.  The cost if only $50.00 for a LIFETIME registration.  As the owners of Foxy said, they spent that in gas looking for her.
For more information, go to: http://mobilevaxpractice.com/