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Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Many of our pets are scared of fireworks, including mine.  We are offering a few ideas to make sure your pet has a safe 4th of July holiday,
First and foremost, make sure your pet has identification.  Micro-chips are great but your pet should have a collar and tag with your contact information for a quick return to you should he/she somehow escape in fright.
Have a "safe zone" somewhere in your house where your pet will be away from the loud noise of fireworks and can't escape.  We usually play music or have the television on to help distract from the noise and this helps tremendously.  If they can't hear the fireworks, they aren't going to be afraid.  Have lots of water available for them.
Another tip, we usually tire them out during the daylight hours with lots of play, walks or exercise.  A tired pet can relax easier.
NEVER, keep your pet tethered outside during fireworks.  If they are afraid, they can easily injure or hang themselves if they jump or try to flee.
With the new Utah Fireworks Laws that allow fireworks purchase and use for an entire month (June 26 to July 26), it may be a long month for some of our pets...and us.
Have a wonderful and SAFE 4th of July!