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A Plea from Heavenly Buddies, Inc.

The following is a plea made by Heavenly Buddies, Inc.
Web: www.heavenlybuddies.org
Hi everyone!
Our friend Marie will be moving from Havasu to California and then out of the country at the end of this month.  She has graciously saved Aussie Girl from euthanasia and has worked with her steadily for a year.  She has also been searching for a home for Aussie Girl for almost as long.
Marie couldn't turn Buttercup away when she showed up at her door.  Buttercup, being part Shar Pei, has allergies.
They both need homes right away.  Marie has done everything she can to contact numerous sanctuaries and rescue groups, but everyone is full.  The clock is running out and the last thing Marie wants to see happen is for both these wonderful, active souls to end up in the shelter.  Marie is getting to the point of no return.
I personally know both these beautiful girls and they get along with my Lola and my foster Angelina.
Please give serious consideration to adopting one of these two very special girls and let all of your friends know about them. 
For Buttercup:

So, here’s the Reader’s Digest condensed version of how Buttercup entered our lives.
She arrived at my back door March 8th just sitting, waiting patiently for someone to let her in! After a search of my neighborhood, with no luck, I took her to our vet to obtain possible microchip information. She did, indeed, have a chip with two separate owner names. Both individuals live in San Diego and denied ownership.
A few days later, we took Buttercup to a meeting of animal lovers and they all chipped in to have her spayed, vaccinated and to determine her general breed.  Everyone loved her gentle nature and she calmly made her way through the crowd with no stress or intimidation – just very happy to be around people and pizza!
The veterinarian determined that Buttercup is definitely a Heinz 57.  With her black mottled tongue like a Mastiff/Shar Pei would have, and possibly some Rhodesian Ridgeback and who knows what else.  We found she has allergies.  The vet recommended that all corn and beef be removed from her diet.  But we’ve not been able to afford a full allergy panel on her and she still has problems which, hopefully can be managed.  Buttercup really needs help and a good home.
When first taken to the vet, Buttercup’s weight was 68.9 lbs., then up to 75 lbs. and since her spay, we’ve been slowly getting her up to the recommended weight of 80-85 lbs.
Buttercup has had a rough life for her somewhere between 1 1/2 to 2 years of life.  But she’s a big, gorgeous, teddy bear!
Call Marie at:  928-505 5943.

For Aussie Girl:

’ve been fostered.   I’ve been waiting.   Why haven’t you called?
Aussie Girl arrived at the shelter on April 8th, 2010 and was due to be put down on Friday, September 3rd.  By a joint effort we did find a home in the state of Washington ... unfortunately for Aussie Girl, that fell through.  So she came home to stay with me until I could find that special individual who understands the Heeler breed.  It doesn’t seem to be happening here in Lake Havasu City and she really needs a home now!
She needs room to run and herd because that is what Heelers do best!  Her bloodline appears to be Dingo, Collie and Heeler.  She has all the markings of all three.  She prefers women.  She’s also an exceptionally wonderful guard dog.
Aussie Girl is housebroken, spayed, vaccinated, about 2 yrs. old and weight approx. 50 lbs.  But she is currently experiencing bouts of incontinence which is being managed by medication.  We’re not really certain if it is possibly behavioral, since the introduction of a new dog to the house though.  Prior to Buttercup entering the household, Aussie Girl had no accidents.
She is very particular about other animals but had made several good friends inside the shelter and even more since she’s been residing with me.
Please call Marie at:  928-505-5943.
 Please, please don't let all of Marie's love and patience go to waste. These two girls deserve so very much better.
Most sincerely
Lisa Catizone Heslop
President/Founding Officer
Heavenly Buddies, Inc.
Web: www.heavenlybuddies.org
E-mail: lisa@heavenlybuddies.org
“Let’s get them home together”