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The Importance of Microchipping

According to Home Again, they reunite over 10,000 pets a month with their families.  If your dog ends up in a shelter, 3 out of 4 pets are able to be reunited with their owners if they have a microchip.  If you have updated owner information, it could be 4 out of 4.
While working at a veterinarian's office, people who found pets, would bring them in to our office to be scanned for microchip.  I don't remember one case where we were unable to locate the pets owners and help return them to their homes if they were microchipped.
Microchipping works!  If you don't think your pet will ever get lost...think again.  It can happen to the most attentive owners.  Is it worth the risk? 
There will be a discounted Microchip Clilnic offered through MVP Mobile Vet Practice at the IFA on Main Street in Cedar City on June 17th, July 29th and again on August 26th from 5PM to 7PM.
Don't wait until it is too late.