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Can Anybody HELP These Folks?

Cheryl from Roads of Hope is desperate for help in transporting a dog on Sunday. June 8th
Can you or someone you know HELP?

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From: Cheryl <Cheryl@roadsofhope.org>
Date: Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 5:34 PM
Subject: Update 6 June 4/5 and June 18 - Sun Valley, CA - Lakewood, CO - Rock - 2 Legs to get to Denver

BEGGING  I have ONLY 2 MORE Legs to get this boy to Denver PLEASE HELP I Need to fill this and the Driver coming from CA needs to know if this is going to fill so she can make her room reservation in Jean NV 
Rock is a 12yr old GSD that was Owner surrender “Because he is too old” and his family no longer wanted him he was scheduled to be euthanized, but someone saw a crossposting of him and could not stand to see him euthanized or spend his last days in a shelter and has decided to adopt him. A home visit has been done and she has been approved. This is going to be my last transport for a while so I need to get this one completed as quickly as possible.  
Cross-posting Permitted and Appreciated PLEASE respond Off-list with your offer of assistance 
Transport Coordinator:
Name: CherylEmail 1: Cheryl@roadsofhope.org  (roadsofhope.org)
Transport Monitor - Please call Deb during Transports after hand off
Name: DebEmail 1: Deb@roadsofhope.org (roadsofhope.org)
Full street address if keeping overnight:City/State/Province/Zip Code
:Phone (H):
Phone (C):If you do not have a Cell phone do you have the ability to borrow one for the day? it is imperative for transportsEmail (non myspace)
Do you have email access after 5pm and on weekends:Vehicle Desc/Make/Model & License Plate # this is NEEDED INFO:Emergency Contact w/ phone #:
Suggested meeting place (if you have one)
Reference (Vet, Reference, Rescue Affiliation or Transport Coordinator you've helped)
Vet in your area that has emergency hours: (name, location and phone)
Leg # and name of transport your volunteering:
 If pilot and flying please includeRegistration #:
Airport your based out of:
Airport Pickup location:
Airport Drop-off Location:
NEED TRANSPORT FOR Leg 7 - Cedar City, UT - Elsinore, UT
107 mi - about 1 hour 32 mins 8:00am - 9:30am
NEED TRANSPORT FOR Leg 8 - Elsinore, UT - Green River, UT
131 mi - about 1 hour 52 mins 9:45am - 11:35am
 Passenger Info NAME: Rock       BREED: German ShepardSEX: MaleCOLOR: Black/TanDISTINGUISHING MARKS/FEATURES: silver around muzzleFor Females Last Heat cycle (cannot be in heat during transport): N/ASCARS: N/AAGE/WEIGHT/SIZE 69 poundsHEIGHT (from floor to top of head - Large dogs only -): 29LENGTH (from tip of Nose to Tail - Large dogs only -): 39SPAY/NEUTERED: YESDATE OF SPAY/NEUTER: unknownCan the Dog(s) get in/out of high vehicles (SUV) without assistance: yesAny other recent surgeries and/or illnesses: NOSHOTS UTD: yesHW STATUS: negativeRABIES VACCINE & TAG: (MUST BE ORIGINALS NO COPIES!!):yesHEALTH CERTIFICATE (MUST HAVE FOR TRANSPORT NO EXCEPTIONS!!): yesDEWORMED: yesBORDETELLA: yesDHLPP: unknownComing out of Shelter/Boarding or Foster Care: boarding from shelterHas the Animal(s) been quarantined for 14 days or more: since 5/14FEL/FIV (cats) Tested: N/AADVANTAGE, FRONTLINE OR PROGRAM: noneCRATE/ SIZE OF CRATE: largeIs a Crate Required for Transport: unknownWILL A CRATE BE PROVIDED: if neededMICROCHIPPED: yesOK WITH DOGS: YESOK WITH CATS: unknownOK WITH KIDS: unknownHOUSE TRAINED: unknownCRATE TRAINED:unknownTEMPERMENT TESTED: yesSPECIAL NEEDS:  noneDOES THE DOG/CAT RIDE WELL IN A CAR: YESADDITIONAL INFO: noneOTHER ITEMS BEING SENT WITH DOG/CAT: noneWATER DISH:yesITEMS NEEDED: N/AREASON FOR TRANSPORT: ADOPTED OUT OF CALIFORNIA, ADOPTER LIVES IN ATLANTA, GEORGIAPHOTO LINK: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=209999765698734&id=732975647#!/photo.php?fbid=2039530753615&set=a.1881819330928.2110940.1404672887&type=1&theaterSENDING PLEASE PLACE NAME TAGS on the Animal(s) before transport begins ===================================================================REASON FOR TRANSPORT: Going into approved FOREVER/FOSTER/RESCUE===================================================================WAS A HOME VISIT AND REFERENCES CHECKED? yes===================================================================PLEASE NOTE: When taking him/her out to go potty, please be sure you put their leash on BEFORE leaving the vehicle, for your safety and theirs. Please bring an extra collar and leash just in case.===================================================================SENDING SHELTER or Boarding Facility : Falicity, Vegas and RockName: BARTONS BOARDINGif shelter list website: N/AContact Person: ROSEIs Sending Shelter/Rescue a 501©3: N/APhysical Address: 9037 GLENOAKS BLVDCity/State/Province/Zip Code: SUN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA 91352===================================================================RECEIVING Screened Approved Adopter RockName: ELAINE BCity/State/Povince/Zip Code:ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30350Email: elaine@soccerwrek.netDo you have email access after 5pm and on weekends: YES ===================================================================*** NOTE: It is the sole discretion of the Transport Coordinator to add additional passengers to this run after talking to existing drivers who have signed up. NO additional Passengers should be added by receiving/sending or Drivers without confirming with Transport Coordinator First ***** *****Disclaimer - I am dependent on what the senders ie: shelter or rescue tell me about our passengers' temperaments and cannot be held liable or responsible in any way for any information conveyed about a dog(s) that may be incorrect regarding behavior or temperament of a transported animal(s) before, during, or after transport., The very nature of rescue transport creates some risk for those who participate; even a good-natured animal may find it stressful to be passed from stranger to stranger and cooped up with other unfamiliar animals, and therefore may act in uncharacteristic ways.  Agreement to transport/temp foster/overnight is an agreement that you are aware of the associated risks that could be present in a transport. Dogs and animals in general, may, without warning, bite or cause injury to humans, other dogs, other animals, or even  potentially cause damage to personal property. Your agreement to be a volunteer transporter/temp foster/overnighter, is an acknowledgement and understanding that there are certain risks involved in participating in volunteer transport. As a Volunteer Transport Coordinator neither I nor anyone associated with this transport can accept liability for any accidents, incidents or damage that may occur during the transport. By agreeing to transport/temp foster/overnight you agree that risks are involved and will not hold anyone involved responsible should an incident occur. ***** Adoptions off of Transport are strictly prohibited. If you find that a fur kid you are transporting would make a lovely addition to your family. Please contact the receiving rescue and go through proper screening with them AFTER the transport has been completed. Removing a passenger off of transport will be considered theft and action will be taken. By agreeing to transport you agree to these terms.   CherylRoads of Hopehttp://www.roadsofhope.org "Because All Roads Lead To Hope" http://www.facebook.com/RoadsofHope A Shirt has been made to Benefit Roads of Hope Click here to see it http://www.lacroixtees.com/animal-rescue/RoadsOfHope/   SOOO Cute!!!! hope you buy one ;0)

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