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Why the Bortadella Vaccine is so Important

The Bortadella Vaccine is commonly referred to as the Kennel Cough Vaccine.  Many veterinarians will commonly give this vaccine when your dog is brought in for their yearly vaccinations but some may not. 
If you plan to have your dog in and around other dogs at any time, it is recommended that your dog have this vaccine with his/her regular yearly vaccinations. D&B's recommends this vaccination be done every 6 months for dogs that are going into a boarding situation.
According to the Drs. Foster and Smith Educational Staff, the condition has become known as tracheobronchitis, canine infectious tracheobronchitis, Bordetellosis, or Bordetella. It is highly contagious in dogs. The disease is found worldwide and will infect a very high percentage of dogs in their lifetime.
The most common symptom of kennel cough is a dry hacking cough sometimes followed by retching. Many owners describe the cough as having a 'honking sound.'  It usually shows up 2-14 days after exposure.
Diagnosis is usually based on the symptoms and a history of recent exposure to other dogs.
Although kennel cough is usually non life-threatening, in more severe cases, the symptoms may progress and include lethargy, fever, inappetence, pneumonia, and in very severe cases, even death. The majority of severe cases occur in immunocompromised animals, or young unvaccinated puppies.
Drs. Foster and Smith recommend that you give your dog this vaccine at least 4 days prior to exposure of other dogs but preferably 7 days before.