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Leash Training Tip

To train a dog to sit quietly while putting on the leash, do the following:
Observe, first! Watch the dog and see at what point he begins getting overly excited.
Let’s say he starts getting excited as you walk in the door. As soon as he starts acting excited, back out, close the door and wait for 30 seconds.

Repeat “2” until he’s no longer excited.

Then, at the next point at which he becomes excited (let’s say it’s as you reach for his leash – but it may come before that!), stop what you’re doing and go back one step. I.e., bring your arm down, and take a step back. Just stand there until he’s not excited, then reach for the leash. If he becomes excited, bring your arm down, and take a step back. Wait until he’s calm.

This is an exercise that requires patience, but if you do this with each step of the process, you’ll quickly have a dog that is calm when you put the leash on.

The next time you come, you’ll probably have to repeat this exercise (and may have to do so for several visits), but you’ll find that he becomes calm quicker and quicker, because he’s beginning to understand what’s expected.

(This technique works for most situations similar to this – i.e., coming out of the crate or back yard, being fed, etc.)
Compliments of:  Become a Professional Dog Trainer