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All About Blinds

We had a misshap here at the house with one of the boarding dogs.  We were told that she experiences separation anxiety whenever they leave.  She's been here a couple times before and we've never had an issue...but then again, someone is always around the house so the dogs are not left unattended.  We were around the house but both Bruce and I walked out the front door together and the dog could not see us in the driveway.  Katrina was in her room but apparently the dog didn't know that.  Needless to say, the dog started eating our wooden blinds immediately.  Katrina heard the noise and came out of her room to investigate but by that time, the blinds were ruined.
Chip from All About Blinds came out to our home to help us.  He was able to repair the blinds for us and did a really wonderful job.  Our blinds are a discontinued brand but he was able to get replacement parts and they look like new.  We had issues with a couple of our other blinds that needed replacement parts or to be restrung and he completed these tasks as well.  All About Blinds also does blind cleaning so our blinds were cleaned at the same time and they look great!
We were very satisfied with the work and the service was prompt.  Chip (the owner) is very personable and friendly and we recommend his services.  You can check out his website at: http://allaboutblindsutah.com/