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What to do in Between Professional Grooming

Marie Aguirre with Country Cuts Grooming offers some great advice for us and our pets.  Marie is a professional, certified groomer with a background in animal health and does a beautiful job on our dogs.  Marie says:
"Brushing is an essential part of your pets overall hair style outcome. If you want a great hair cut for your pet, it is essential that your pets coat has the least amount of matts as possibly.
Just because you do not see mats on the TOP of your pets coat, this doesnt mean that the UNDERCOAT will not be matted. The areas that are more prone to getting matted are behind the ears ( this happends due to sweat, ear rubbing) , paws ( remember they get wet, and are constantly in friction), under the arms and belly area, and in some cases even the tails will start to mat.
To keep mats to a minimum a pet owner should brush the coat at home. A slicker brush will work with most pet coats. You want to brush With the growth of the hair and to double check your work brush in sections against the grain of the coat. In doing this you will get your pet used to brushing and help your groomer focus all their time on the actual hair cut and style and not waste time in dematting the hair. Remember not all groomers are willing to de-matt a coat that is over matted. So if you are looking for a long hair style  BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH!!!!! "