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23 Vacation Checklist Tips

Whether you have a neighbor, relative, friend or a professional pet sitter care for your pet(s) when you leave home, you might use the following checklist to help you make sure your pet(s) needs are covered while you are gone.
These are just some of the items that we (Cedar City Pet Sitting) ask when we meet with you for a consultation.  We also will ask in depth questions about your pets' routines, favorite games, toys, feeding schedules and a multitude of other questions that help us make your absence less stressful on your pet(s)
1.     Make sure you have your contact telephone numbers, including your cell phone number and the number where you will be staying. 
2.     It is wise to type up a copy of your itinerary including hotels or places that you will be staying.
3.     Leave your veterinarians name and phone number for the pet sitter and the number of an after hours emergency clinic.
4.     Inform your vet that you will be out of town and leave permission with him/her that your pet sitter has permission to have your pet treated should an emergency arise.  It is wise to leave make financial arrangements with your vet at that time.
5.     Make sure your pet(s) have a collar and tags on.
6.     Write down your pet's microchip number(s) and the contact number for the company where they are registered (like Home Again)
7.     Write down the name and dosage amounts for each pet that is on medication and show your pet sitter how to administer them.
8.     Let the sitter know the expected feeding times and requirements of each visit.  Be sure they have a clear understanding of your pet's schedules of walking, playing, feeding, etc.
9.     Make sure all food and medications are clearly labeled and in clear view.
10.    Make sure leashes or carriers are left in clear view for use in an emergency.
11.    Let the sitter know what areas of your home that your pet is allowed or not allowed. Close off any section or doors where you do not want the pets to be.
12.    Leave cleaning products in clear view including enzymatic deodorizers, paper towels, brooms, vacuum, dust pan and sweeper as well as the kitty scooper and litter if you have cats.
13.    Regarding the key you are leaving with the sitter, check the key in the door to make sure it works before you leave.
14.    Be sure to leave your house alarm info. and codes with the sitter.  You can change them when you return.
15.    If your sitter is not bonded and insured, we suggest you lock away your valuables.  Sometimes you don't know people as well as you thought you did.
16.    Be sure your sitter is aware of what temperature you want the house kept at and the location of the thermostat.
17.    Be sure your sitter knows where your water and gas shut-offs are in the case of emergency.
18.    Leave all house alarm information with your sitter, including codes.  Don't forget gate codes either.
19.     Give sitter permission to authorize any emergency work to prevent damage with you being responsible for payment.
20.    Stop your mail and newspaper or instruct your sitter where to put them.
21.    Leave instructions for garbage pickup day and where to put garbage.
22.    Instructions for watering plants (in and out), lawns, flowers etc.
23.    Give sitter location of your breaker box.
As professional pet sitters, Bruce and I ask our clients all these questions and many more.  These questions are just the "tip of the iceberg" so to speak.  We want our clients to have a worry free time away or vacation from their home and pets.  We are licensed, bonded, insured and members of pet sitting organizations like Pet Sitters International and Professional United Pet Sitters.  Our client's needs and wants are of the utmost importance to us, that is why a large part of our business comes from client referrals or repeat customers
Whether you choose a professional pet sitter or you choose to have a friend, neighbor, or relative care for your "babies", I hope this checklist helps you have a worry free time away.