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Natures Miracle - Pet Safe, Environmentally Friendly Product

Because we do dog boarding in our home, some of our guests can have accidents that need to be cleaned up.  Thank goodness for our tile floors, but sometimes these accidents also happen on our rugs. 
The first thing we always turn to is the product "Natures Miracle".  It really works like a miracle.  It is an enzymatic cleaner than neutralizes odors and cleans great.  We've been using it for years.  I've tried other products but always seem to come back to this one.  I buy it in the gallon jugs and use it to clean my floors, rugs, upholstery and even put it in my carpet cleaner. 
I was purchasing it online but found that Desert Reef Pet Store in downtown Cedar City carries it, so now I purchase it from them.  It may be a little cheaper online, but by the time you pay the bulk shipping costs, it ends up costing more...and I'd rather give my money to local businesses anyway.  We like to shop local!