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How to Protect Your Dogs Feet

If your dogs are energetic like mine, they might not keep their booties on when they are out running around and playing in the snow.  Another way to protect your dog's feet is to put petroleum jelly on and around their pads so things like salt and chemical agents don't hurt their feet.  At our home, we use "Mushers Secret Paw Protection" which we purchased from www.petedge.com.  That won't help the cold toes like booties do but will help protect them. 
A good place to buy good quality booties is down at Urban Dawgs in the Providence Center in Cedar City.  They also have a great selection of heavy duty dog boots with traction  for dirt, rock, etc. They remind me of "Easy Boots" for horses.   They are basically tennis shoes or climbing boots.  While you are there, check out their wonderful array of natural and organic pet foods and their bakery for dogs.  Our "babies" love their place.
We are in no way affiliated with Urban Dawgs but just like the folks that run it, love their products, and we like to
 shop local. :)