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The BIG FIX Schedule for March 2011

There will be a Big Fix located at the Cedar City CAL Ranch on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 (750 South Main Street).  It is on a first come first served basis so you need to get there early.
The Big Fix truck parks near Main Street so that is where the "line" begins.  I've had people tell me that if you are going to go, bring lawn chairs to "mark your spot" in line unless you want to stand or sit out in the cold.  If you've got chairs (or something) to mark your spot in line, you can sit in the comfort of your heated vehicle. 
The only other Southern Utah location for the March Big Fix is at the Hurricane Lin's parking lot (1120 West State Street) on Tuesday, March 1st.  They will accept reservations at 435-773-5209.
The Big Fix also offers vaccinations, microchipping and worming from 11AM to 3PM for your pets at reduced rates. 
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