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Feral Cat Bill Gutted

I am very happy to hear that the "feral cat bill" was gutted in a House committee.  I found the bill very disturbing and as Gene Baierschmidt, executive director of the Humane Society of Utah said, if it passed, would create an "open season" on dogs and cats for people who want to use them as target practice.

I realize that not all people have the same view on animals that Bruce and I do, but I found this particular bill very disturbing.

Bruce and I adopted a couple of spayed & neutered feral kitties from a shelter a few months back.  We don't get to cuddle them because they are too shy but hope some day we will earn their trust enough to be able to do that.  For now, they know they have food, water & shelter and  they occupy themselves chasing mice in the fields.

If you have open spaces around your property, won't you consider adopting a feral kitty or two?  They deserve a chance too.