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Losing a Dear Friend

We received the very sad news that we've lost another dear friend.  Kobe was a very sweet and lovable Yellow Lab that stayed with us from time to time for the last few years.  He was another one of those old souls that touched your heart and made you feel loved.  He loved everyone and everything and was always so accommodating and friendly.
Bruce and I have a wonderful "job" that we love because we get to care for marvelous animals like Kobe.  The hardest part of our job is dealing with the loss when we receive the news of their passing.  The things that keep us going after their loss is remembering the times we spent together and remembering the good times.  One of the first times that Kobe stayed with us, our adult son, Chris, was visiting and fell asleep on the couch with his cell phone.  Kobe kept him company through the night (Kobe usually slept in our room on his bed).  When Chris woke up, his cell phone was missing.  We took the couch apart, looked under and on everything and couldn't find his phone.  Chris was convinced that Kobe swallowed his phone.  When we finally located the phone, we all had a hard laugh.  The kids called him the cell phone dog.  Bruce and I just considered him a great, loyal and loving friend.
You will always be in our hearts and memories
dear, dear friend.
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