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Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive Results

We have been so busy, we haven't posted our results for the Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive that we organized.  We were thrilled with the results.  We collected 1089.5 pounds of dog food and 149 pounds of cat food for a total of 1238.5 pounds of pet food for the Iron County Animal Shelter and Cedar Animal Rescue.
Iron County Animal Shelter shared their food with the Enoch Animal Shelter (part of Iron County) as they were in desperate need of pet food.  I neglected to take pictures of our deliveries to Iron County and Cedar Animal Rescue but did take a couple of pictures of the delivery to Enoch Animal Shelter.  I was asked by Best Friends to take these pictures as they were writing an article and wanted to post pictures with the article.  Here are a couple of the pictures.
Enoch Animal Shelter Pet Food Delivery Dec. 2010
Enoch Animal Shelter Crew with homeless dogs who now get to eat.
Pet Food Drive Boxes
Thank you again to everyone who participated.  Please know that these shelters are ALWAYS in need.  Please contact them directlyfor their "Wish Lists". 
Every little bit helps!