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Grief and Pet Loss

We had an e-mail from a client/friend about the loss of her dog.  Paison was a big, beautiful boy who loved to "talk".  We will miss him greatly as I know his owner does.  She says the house feels so empty.
Many of us feel like we've lost a member of the family...not a pet.   I know Bruce and I do whenever we've lost one of our beloved pets. 
I have to admit, I become so emotionally attached to so many of my client's pets, it feels like I've lost a good friend and I grieve as well.  I understand this is a part "of the job" but it doesn't make it any easier.
If you have lost a pet, you might want to check out the link below.  It offers some wonderful advice.
Pets who have lost their best friend grieve as well.  This I know and have experienced many times over the years. 
Recently, one of our friend/client's kitty died and her other kitty died within two weeks out of grief.  This was Alexina and Truffle on our "In Loving Memory" page. 
To anyone who has lost their loved one...pet or person, our heart goes out to you.