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Shop Local...Cedar City

As a small business and residents of Cedar City, we really promote shopping local.  We may not be able to do anything on a national level for our economy but shopping local can really help our economy locally.  It always breaks my heart to see start-up businesses come and go because their local community isn't supporting them.
The next time you buy pet food or pet supplies, try shopping at one of our local small businesses instead of heading down to big corporate Petco in St. George for your supplies.
The good folks at Desert Reef Pets(584 S Main in the JoAnn's Complex near Dominos Pizza) and Urban Dawgs(1420 S. Providence Drive - the road leading to Home Depot), for instance, will surely look into getting the brands or things you are in search of. 
With Christmas right around the corner, how about shopping at the local candy stores or boutiques.  Every penny you spend at one of our small businesses in town helps our local community.
So the next time you do your shopping, do your community a service and SHOP LOCAL.
No, we don't get anything for promoting any business, we just want to promote local businesses and help them to succeed.