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Five easy tips to help keep your pet safe for Halloween

1.  Keep all candy and other goodies out of reach

Just like us, eating too much candy can make your pet sick, so keep it where he or she can't get it.
2.  Be careful with costumes - yours and your pets

Some pets will be frightened by strange costumes, and may try to run from them. If you're wearing a costume, let your pets smell it and see you put it on, and be sure to talk to them while you're wearing it. Be sure that any costumes you put on your pet fit properly and allow him or her to see, breathe, and move OK.
3.  Make sure candles are out of reach

Even if you think your pet won't get at the candles, they can be knocked over, and tails & fur can quickly ignite if your pet passes by.
4.  Keep pets in a safe room of your house

So your pets don't become frightened, or run out when you open the door to trick-or-treaters, keep them in a closed room, or use a baby gate to keep them away from the door. Give your pets toys or pet-appropriate treats to keep them occupied.
5.  Keep pets indoors on Halloween

Cats and dogs may be frightened by the Halloween celebrations so it's best to keep them inside. Keep in mind that there are some people who enjoy torturing cats, especially black ones, on Halloween.
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