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Best Friends Food Drive

Can You Help Best Friends During Upcoming Pet Food Drive in Your Community?
September 17, 2010, 8:55AM MT
By Best Friends staff
Our goal is to have Best Friends volunteers in 1,000 locations nationwide to help provide pet food to help needy families keep their pets
Are you interested in helping with Best Friends’ efforts to help keep pets out of shelters and living with their families in your own community? As part of our mission to achieve a day when there are No More Homeless Pets, our First Home Forever Home campaign is continuing its work to help families in need feed their pets. Providing temporary assistance with pet food removes one reason that families in crisis may consider relinquishing or abandoning their pets and will help people keep the pets they love. This November Best Friends will be supporting a national pet food drive being hosted by the PETCO Foundation. All food collected during the food drive will be donated to food banks in each local community to help local families and local pets. We need you to help make it happen!Who:               Best Friends volunteers
What:              Represent Best Friends at PETCO store locations on food drive days
Where:           A PETCO store near you
When:             Nov. 6, 7, 13, and 14 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (we'll be setting up three-hour shifts)
Why:               To help families in need feed and keep the pets they love
  • Professionally advocate Best Friends’ positions on all issues
  • Greet store customers and explain the goals of the food drive
  • Distribute Best Friends materials
  • Ask people to sign the adoption pledge
  • Thank people for their donations
  • Help PETCO staff organize donated food
 How You Can HelpIf you are interested in getting signed up, please e-mail bfvolcoord@bestfriends.org and we will be happy to walk you through the process. Helping Hungry Pets
In 2009, First Home Forever Home delivered 197,242 pounds of pet food to pet food banks in an effort to help families in need feed and keep the pets they love. Part of this food was delivered by direct donation from Best Friends, and part of it was delivered as a result of The Four Legged Food Drive, a pilot project of the campaign.
 The Four Legged Food DriveIn the summer of 2009, the First Home Forever Home campaign sponsored what may have been the largest pet food drive in history, collecting more than 77,000 pounds of pet food in 15 cities with the help of our network of volunteers.
 The Four Legged Food Drive Action Kit
 A downloadable resource to help people take action in their own communities.
 The Four Legged Food Drive Community Action Project for Teens
A downloadable resource for youth groups, created with Best Friends Humane Education.
 List of Known Pet Food Banks Nationwide
Updated monthly, this list helps people find pet food assistance and provides website links to contact information. First Home Forever Home campaign 
The goal of the First Home Forever Home campaign is to help people make and honor a lifetime commitment to their pets. Millions of companion animals die every year in crowded shelters because their families decided to let them go for some reason. Through education, intervention and action, First Home Forever Home provides guidance and resources to help people care for their pets and keep them as loved members of their families. Eight to 10 million pets enter America’s shelter system every year. How many of them, if given a helping hand, could stay with their families instead? By supporting the First Home Forever Home campaign you help create a time of No More Homeless Pets.