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Use Collars and Tags

When pets come to stay with us, we put on tags that say "Guest of D&B's" that include our phone number and address.  Occasionally, we forget to remove these tags.  This last week, we had someone call and say that they had our dog.  All of the dogs staying with us were accounted for. 
Bruce went to pick up this lost dog to return to it's owner but didn't recognize the dog so it he brought the dog back home.  Thank goodness I recognized the dog and I was able to track down his owner.  The owner was, of course, very grateful. 
My purpose of writing this is to just say how VERY IMPORTANT it is to have a collar and tag on your pet so they can be returned. 
I was also able to return a lost dog that I found on the highway by bringing her in to the vet to have her scanned for a microchip.  Microchips are awesome.  Our dogs have microchips but we recommend the collars and tags as well.  Not everyone will take the extra step and run your dog to a vet to check for microchip.  If they have an easy to read phone number, they are more likely to make a call.