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Therapy Dogs in Southern Utah

Therapy Dogs International(TDI)was founded in 1976 with it's headquarters based in Flanders, New Jersey.

TDI is a volunteer group that offers qualified handlers and their dogs to visit institutions, hospitals, facilities, schools and any other place where Therapy Dogs are Needed.

The purpose of Therapy Dogs is to provide comfort & companionship to those in need.  So many people benefit from the unconditional love and acceptance of animals.  It is clinically proven that animals help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and help relieve depression.

Low Cost Micro-Chips for Iron County Pets

In an effort to help Iron County Shelters and Rescues find the owners of lost pets, Friends of Festival Country K9s is offering micro-chipping to the community at a very reduced rate.
Cost to Members of Friends of Festival Country K9s (FFCK9s) is only $20 per pet.  Cost to the General Public is only $30 per pet.  This price includes registration with Home Again Pet ID and Recovery Service.

The Group is offering the next micro-chip clinic at the Grand Opening of the new 

AKC's Video on The Dog Listener

Friends of Festival Country K9s work in the Iron County Area to bring awareness and educate the community how to be a responsible pet owner.

One of the things that they are promoting is a video by the name of The Dog Listener which is presented by the AKC.  It is a wonderful video that tells how children should approach a new dog, what to do and not do around dogs they don't know, and more. I've included the link in this blog.  Please take the time to check it out and see for yourself how to become a Dog Listener.

New Vet Clinic in Parowan

Dr. Leilani  Wilson has been serving our community for years through a mobile vet service.  She will still offer this wonderful service, but she now has her own clinic as well.  

Dr. Wilson's new clinic is called Parowan Valley Veterinary Clinic and is located at 20 East 100 North, Parowan, UT 84761.

The new clinic is number is 435-477-0159.

Dr. Wilson has also agreed to work with Best Friends and their No More Homeless Pets Voucher Program which helps with assisting low income families get their pets spayed and neutered.

Pet$ense has come to Cedar City

We have a new pet store that will be opening in Cedar City.  The store is a national chain with most of its locations on the East Coast.  It is similar to Petco and PetSmart that we are so familiar with on the West Coast but is usually located in smaller demographic areas like Cedar City.

The store is being built out and expanded in the same center as where Jo-Ann Fabric is across from Smiths on Main Street.  The address is 582 South Main Street, Cedar City.  The store will be approximately 7500 square feet.

Social Media is Helping Find Lost Pets

We work with all the shelters in the area to help organize adoptions, volunteers, pet food drives, training but most recently, we've started working with social media to help find lost pets.  It has been a great success. 

The group I work with is Friends of Festival Country K9s and it is a group with a lot of wonderful, caring people who volunteer their time helping the community. 

Thank you, Josh Huntsman for the wonderful article about our group and Iron County Shelter's use of social media.

Moving with your Pets

Moving is always stressful...no matter how many times you do it.  At least is was for us.  We moved quit a bit following my husband's work.  Many times we were moved by the company he worked for but we also did some moving on our own.  Either way we found it stressful for us and our pets.

Someone shared this wonderful link with me to help those who are going to be moving.  If you plan to move, this link could be very beneficial in your planning:

Dog Training Available in Cedar City

Friends of Festival Country K-9sis offering Basic Obedience Classes which work toward your dog being aCanine Good Citizen.  These classes are being offered to the general public at a cost of $20.00.  Classes normally cost $75.00.  Classes will run in 4 week increments.

The next session of classes begin indoors on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 5PM at theCedar Skate and Fun Center, 912 Airport Road, Cedar City.

Other classes will be offered for an additional fee.  A couple of the classes will include Puppy Classes & Advanced Obedience.

Hay Is Needed for Homeless Horses

Iron County has a new horse sanctuary called theDust Devil Ranch Horse Sanctuary.  This sanctuary was developed and is being run by Ginger Grimes.  The animals placed with her sanctuary have come from various situations including hoarding, neglect, abuse, age or illness.

She is supported byBest Friendson a limited basis and is in need of donations.  The donations needed primarily consist of hay (alfalfa, 3 way, grass mix) , grain (senior grain, rice bran, alfalfa pellets, oats & rolled oats) as well as cash donations for incidentals or donations made directly to local veterinarians for medical care.

Dog Friendly Hikes in Southern Utah

Friends of Festival Country K9s also known as the "Dog Park" Group has released a new pamphlet giving some great locations for dog friendly hikes.

From walking trails to National Parks and BLM land, the brochure helps answer frequently asked questions and gives you tips on things you should know before hiking with your dog(s).  Also included are the contact numbers BLM, Forestry Service and more.

Please feel free to download the attached to use as a reference.

Happy Trails from D&B's  

Reduce Your Heart Rate - Pet an Animal

Did you know that petting your dog or cat can help reduce your blood pressure?
According to Dr. Alan Beck, ScD who is the director of the Center of the Human-Animal Bond at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, our bodies release oxytocin, which is a powerful hormone that decreases blood pressure in humans, making us feel more relaxed.
This same relaxing effect is experienced in animals as well showing that both animals and humans get the physiological benefit from each other.

D&B's Pet Sitting hosts their 4th Annual Pet Food Drive

D&B's 4th Annual
Hungry Bowl Pet Food Drive has begun.
Cedar City Pet Sitting and Boarding with D&B’s
Hosts Hungry Bowl™Pet Food Drive
to Benefit Homeless Pets of:
The Iron County Animal Shelters
Cedar Animal Rescue
& Dust Devil Ranch Horse Sanctuary
D&B's is working withFriends of Festival Country K9s
a 501.c.3 Non-Profit Organization
who is offering atax deductible receipt
for your donations upon request.
As part of an international effort spearheaded by

Enoch Shelter Dog Exercise Area/Dog Park

The City of Enoch Animal Shelter has property behind the shelter that is 108’ X 48’ that they have cleared in order to put fencing up for an exercise area for the shelter dogs.  

They will also open this area to the public during daytime hours for the community to use.  This area will follow the guidelines of a dog park, which would be the first in Iron County.  The location is 4916 North 600 East, Enoch. 

Our neighboring county of Washington presently has 5 dog parks.  The location of these parks can be found at

Trike Drifting - Redefying Gravity - Crazy!!

Every time you turn around there seems to be some new crazy trend.  I grew up with "Big Wheels" and remember my brothers getting major road rash riding them down the biggest hills they could find.  These are crazy "big" kids with their own version of "Big Wheels".

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Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Cedar City

AKC’s Responsible Dog Ownership Day is on Sept. 22, 2012 at Canyon Park East (500 E. Center Street, Cedar City) and being hosted by Festival Country K-9s beginning at 10AM.  

The American Kennel Club and Iron County’s Festival Country K-9s is committed to helping dog owners raise, happy, healthy dogs that can be kept for the pet’s entire lifetime.  

Among companion animals, dogs are unmatched in their devotion, loyalty and friendship to humankind, but owning a dog is a responsibility and a privilege.

Therapy Dogs Make a Difference in People's Lives

Friends of Festival Country K-9s and D&B's Pet Sitting will be helping out Therapy Dog International's Certified Evaluator, LeAnn Sawyer on Saturday, September 15, 2012 to evaluate dogs to be used as Therapy Dogs for hospitals, assisted living centers, rehabilitation centers, schools and other locations where they can bring comfort and confidence to people.

There are 16 dogs that are being evaluated in Cedar City on Saturday.  Friends of Festival Country K-9's introduced LeAnn at their Dog Park for a Day Event in June 2012 and interest has been gaining ever since.


Life is what happens
while you are planning
something else!

Volunteering Opportunities in Iron County

The First Annual Volunteer Festival will be held at Main Street Park on September 8, 2012 from 10AM to 2PM.  

The Volunteer Center of Iron County will be hosting this event to raise awareness of volunteer opportunities.  To download the flier, please click on the following link.

No Words Are Needed

Dog Training Helps Prevent Problems BEFORE They Happen

When you purchase or adopt a dog, you owe it to yourself and your new companion to train it.

Friends of Festival Country K9s can help if you live in the
 Iron Country Area.