Your pets can be comfortable & safe at Home 

Advantages for your pets:
Reduced stress - because they are in their own environment
Their regular routines are followed                 
No "travel" trauma
Minimal exposure to illness of other animals
They each receive loving, individual attention
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Advantages for you:

Affordability - all pets stay together for one low per visit rate
Discrete service - we strive to keep your home as you left it
Security - we use proven crime deterrence techniques to make your home appear occupied and check all windows and doors
Special Services Included - watering plant, taking out garbage, mail pick-up and any requests you may have.
E-mail, text or call you with updates, if desired
D&B’s Pet Sitting and Home Care knows how difficult it can be for owners to leave their pets behind when they have to go out of town, especially when the only option is to leave them in unfamiliar surroundings such as a kennel. 
black and white kittyArapaho the llamaOur pets give us unconditional love and deserve the best of care in return.   We offer pet sitting in the animal’s own home and surroundings which reduces stress on pets and their owners.
We make as many daily visits as you require and give them the attention, care, and companionship they need.
We realize that some pets need a bit more attention so we offer overnight stays, if available. 
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We offer a free in-home consultation where we take detailed notes of your pet’s likes, dislikes and routines and get the opportunity to become acquainted with your pets.  Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, small caged animal or fish, we care for them following the routine you have outlined. 
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We offer affordability so all your pets stay together for one low per visit (not per pet) rate. 
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When we come into your home, your pets will be treated with the same love and care that we treat our own pets.
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Lasky on the couchWe will phone you or email you, if you request, with updates while you are gone.  We keep a detailed log of every visit we make that we leave with you upon your return. 
We also will make an Emergency Card for each animal with their picture, upon request.
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    Contact: Diane & Bruce Gil
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   ***If we have concerns about your pet...
          we reserve the right to refuse service at any time.