We part of a a non-profit organization and are now known as
501.c.3 status
Utah Registered Charitable Organization

 The Group that is trying to establish
a fenced in, off-leash dog park
where well-behaved canines can exercise
in a clean, safe environment without
endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife.
To develop a social interaction for all dog lovers and friends
who are willing to uphold the park's rules and restrictions
Educate fellow dog owners on the need to be responsible
To view this park as a community project,
in partnership with Enoch City,
designed to satisfy the needs of dog-owners and
non-dog owners alike.

What is a dog park?
A dog park is a fenced public area where dogs can legally run off-leash and play with other dogs under the supervision of their owners.  It has a double-gated entry with provides safety when entering and exiting the park so dog cannot get loose.  The fenced area is divided into two areas, one for smaller or timid dogs and the other area for larger dogs.  Dog poop bags, trash cans and watering stations are provided.  Basically, a dog park is a playground for dog owners and their dogs.

Pictures are of Firehouse Park and compliments of Kim Ritz.


Senior citizens and physically disabled dog owners benefit from dog parks because elderly and physically handicapped people who cannot walk their dogs can still exercise their dogs.
Economic Development.  Cedar City and Iron County areas do not have a place where visitors to our beautiful city can exercise their dogs off leash without breaking leash laws. 

Dog owners would be less likely to break leash laws and have dogs in public parks where dogs are not allowed. They are also less likely to be in areas where they are considered a "nuisance" to those that do not like or want to be around dogs.  Unfortunately, there are are some irresponsible dog owners that do not clean up after their dogs and this infringes on everyone, non-dog owners and dog owners alike.  
Dog parks are a place where dog owners can go for education. Other dog owners have the opportunity to share experience and information making better and more responsible dog owners of others.  This type of park can also have information available to all dog owners where activities can be for dog related events and postings.
A dog park is a place where dog owners can take their dogs to socialize.  Dogs need to socialize with other dogs and humans. With frequent, active contact with other dogs and humans, dogs are calmer and tend to have better social manners. 
Dog owners need a place to exercise their dogs. Dogs that are well-exercised and socialized are happier and less likely to exhibit destructive behaviors (digging, chewing, BARKING, etc.) which could benefit dog owners and their neighbors.

For more information:  www.FestivalCountryK9s.Org

We are in need of help in the Design and Budget area of our dog park that will be working closely with the location area so please contact Diane if interested. Also feel free to direct any questions or suggestions to the ladies in charge of the certain areas; and don't forget that they would love the help if you are willing to volunteer. They have lots on their hands and we are so grateful they are willing to volunteer so please help where we can so we can keep this going.